I'm Tom Arriola, the site Mastermind, and I've been asked to tell you about what went into the making of these photos. This week, we'll be posting photos daily with behind-the-scenes commentary.

The idea of involving an Elvis tribute artist in a case came to me when El Vez, the Mexican Elvis tribute artist, came to Oxford, Mississippi. It was easy to come up with the of an Elvis-based Crime Scene case. It was more difficult to find our own Elvis tribute artist.

We cast the actors in these cases by posting audition notices or through an arrangement we maintain with an acting studio. In this instance, I knew of a kooky local torch singer who ran a coffee shop where she entertained customers all through the morning shift.

I'd heard her use her Elvis voice to say "Thank you. Thank very much." And I'd seen her unrestrained performances on stage. I just had to work up the courage to say, "You look like you could be my Elvis tribute artist."

See more pictures from the photo shoot with the Elvis tribute artist.
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Have questions about Elvis tribute artists or the actress who played Rose Marie Pearson? Post them here!

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