Sonya DavisSonya Jacobs Davis was born to Samuel and Clara Jacobs, on March 3, 1969, in Billings, Montana. Samuel was the manager of one of the local supermarkets, and Clara worked as the secretary for a very busy attorney. Sonya spent most of her days with babysitters and at daycare centers, but she was a happy child with few complaints.

When Sonya was 11 years old, both of her parents were killed in an automobile accident, and Sonya was taken in by Clara's sister, who lived in Oxford. Sonya adapted to the new environment quicker than expected. She missed her parents but made the adjustments necessary and accepted her new family, many of whom she had never met before.

She made above-average grades all through school and loved performing in the plays that the school staged in her high school years. One of those plays was about Elvis and the early days of his career. Through research and study, Sonya became a bit of an expert on Elvis trivia as well as one of Elvis's biggest fans.

Sonya joined the Love Me Tender fan club and there she met Joy Davis, who was a collector of Elvis memorabilia and a fellow expert on Elvis's life. Joy introduced Sonya to her brother, Peter Davis, and Sonya found him to be a kindred spirit. They dated for several years and finally married. The following year, in the winter of 2004, Sonya and Peter became the proud parents of a baby girl, Carolyn. They both wanted at least two children, so a year later they welcomed son Michael.

Sonya went back to work six months after her son was born, teaching English and drama classes at an Oxford high school. She also kept up with her research on Elvis Presley, which brought in extra income as she became a favorite speaker at conventions and conferences about Elvis. Her proudest engagement was when she was asked to give a presentation on Elvis's life and career at a celebration at Graceland

Sonya's standing in the Elvis fan community led to her invitation to be the keynote speaker at the Elvis conference in Oxford, one of the biggest thrills of her life. At the last minute, however, she was replaced by Jared Plunk and given a less prominent presentation time and venue. As if that wasn't bad enough, Sonya had to deal with the embarrassment of this happening in her home city.

Once Sonya and Peter realized who was replacing her as the keynote speaker, they lobbied Max Snyder to change his mind, but Max told them he had already booked Plunk and couldn't get out of the contract. Despite the humiliation, Sonya and Peter made plans to attend the conference anyway, where they hoped to meet up with Plunk and give him a piece of their minds.

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