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Rosalie Hansen, witness at the gas station

Rosalie Hansen, who was one of the people who found the body, was too upset to answer many questions that night, so she came in for a second conversation.


girl-youngBest friends Corrie Townsend and the victim Katie Masters spent the day together before Katie was found dead that evening.

Corrie Townsend, victim's best friend

Corrie Townsend was the victim's best friend. The detectives asked to talk to her again so they could learn more about Katie Masters' personal life.


gas-witness.femaleRosalie Hansen stopped by the Kangaroo Express to use the restroom and got a terrible shock instead.

Jimmy Carnes, gas station employee

Jimmy Carnes, who was one of the people who found the body, came in to answer some questions about his relationship with the victim.


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  Richard — Is it a mistake that he says his name is Johnny Ray Clark in......

gas-witness.maleJimmy Carnes works at the Kangaroo Express, where he and a customer found the body when they unlocked and entered the women's restroom.

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