Elliott Owens was born on March 22, 1980, in Oxford, Mississippi, the only child of Jack and Rachel Owens.

Jack was a graduate of Boston University with a Master’s Degree in electrical engineering. He relocated to Oxford for work, where he met Rachel, a local artist.

While Jack pushed Elliott to follow in his footsteps of becoming an engineer, Rachel encouraged him to pursue his passions in life.

Much to his father’s disappointment, Elliott’s high school academics were mediocre at best. According to several teachers, Elliott demonstrated remarkable intelligence, but was simply unwilling to put in the effort.

Even so, Elliott managed to get admitted to and attend the University of Mississippi, and he graduated with a degree in computer science. Afterward, he returned to his parents’ home and has since worked as a freelance information technologist. Elliott hopes to move into his own place within the next year.

Recently, Elliott’s job involves handling network and support issues for local companies, such as the Harte Agency. Friends and co-workers alike refer to Elliott as the mysterious techie with the Rubik’s cube, which he can solve in 15 seconds flat. He rarely appears in person, usually manifesting as a voice on the phone or a chat window.

According to sources at the Harte Agency, Elliott made frequent visits to the office several months ago due to an infatuation with fellow co-worker Annette Wyatt. The visits suddenly stopped, though by all appearances the incident resolved amicably.

“Elliott is geeky, goofy, and yeah, a bit of a pervert,” says the Owens’ neighbor of 20 years. “He can’t help but ask out every pretty girl he sees, but he’s otherwise harmless. Heck, he reads romance novels.”

Despite his mellow demeanor, Elliott is a second-degree black belt in tae kwon do, which he practices as a form of physical therapy for his scoliosis. He is also a ferocious gamer – currently ranked as the number ten top Starcraft player in the world, a position that he hopes to improve upon in the near future.

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