Terry Hinson, florist

YCSD investigators located the florist who sold the roses delivered to Courtney Morris. The detectives interviewed him about the transaction.

Jenna Mayne, floral delivery person

Florist Terry Hinson told the detectives that Jenna Mayne, one of his shop's employees, may have delivered the roses to Courtney Morris "off the books."

Phyllis RoyPhyllis Roy lives in the apartment across from Courtney Morris. She was very fond of Courtney and kept an eye on her.

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  jkurtz — Dylan easily overlooked in all of this. Especially since gra......
  danielle.scotting holthe — Who is the father? Have you eliminated Landry and Albright?......

Justin LandryJustin Landry was Courtney Morris's boyfriend. He says he last saw her around noon on the day she died.

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  cueeny — Justin should be a suspect he knows more than he let on. He ......

Craig AlbrightCraig Albright is the manager of the Maplewood Apartments and was one of the people who found Courtney Morris's body.

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