reportOle Miss coed Courtney Morris was found hanged in her apartment on Sunday, August 26, 2012.

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  z3aabi — there is a question that will need an answer for this case t......
  z3aabi — if the door was locked, and there was no sign of a break-in,......

inventoryCSU submitted this preliminary inventory of items taken into evidence in the Courtney Morris death investigation.

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  nobody — The way I see it, the locket and the card aren't from the sa......
  Elise Cederlund — The locket looks like the kind that would be purchased in a ......

prelim-Coroner-ReportPreliminary report from the Yoknapatawpha County Coroner's Office on the autopsy of Courtney Morris. Additional analyses are ongoing.

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  det-jp — Craigs fingerprints were also found on the door on which the......
  Det. Montresor — Not premeditated? How many Manila ropes with hangman's noose......

fingerprint-analysisCSU analyzed fingerprints found on evidence collected at the crime scene. Additional evidence analyses are ongoing.

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  nobody — Justin definitely saw the roses, when he saw them, he got an......
  det-jp — I'm still very suspicious of Mee-Yon Kim, she had a few stra......

timelineYCSD investigators compiled a timeline of the victim's and the witnesses' activities on the weekend Courtney Morris was killed.

Places of InterestThis map shows Oxford locations that are relevant to the investigation.

apartment-thumbedThis map shows locations of interest in the Maplewood Apartments property.


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