Kelly BradleyKelly Bradley is a 24-year-old student at the University of Mississippi. She's originally from Tennessee and is living with a cousin in Oxford while attending school.

Kelly is a music and accounting major in her last year of study, and attends classes Ole Miss three days a week. When she's not in school, she works as an assistant manager at The End of All Music on North Lamar. She has been employed there since moving to Oxford in 2008.

She met Jared Plunk at the university after a lecture he gave on Elvis and his impact on society. She took the course as extra credit and was impressed with the information Plunk gave. She expressed her interest in Elvis as a music major, and when she and Plunk hit it off, agreed to go out for coffee with him after one of the classes. She has had several relationships with other instructors and prefers to date older men instead of men closer to her own age.

She and Jared Plunk only had a relationship for one month prior to his death. Witnesses overheard him tell others that the relationship was over, but Kelly insists that he only said that to appease his wife.

Kelly plans to move to Memphis after she graduates and pursue employment in the music industry.

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