George O'Connor

After examining the bedroom scene, the detectives interviewed George O'Connor to learn about the circumstances surrounding the discovery of his wife's body.

Haley Smith

The detectives interviewed Veronica Smith's daughter Haley the day after she and her stepfather George found Veronica's body.

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  liveforever — I'm curious to know where George went....
  mrokl — 1) suicide looks more unlikely with these 2’s accounts. Do......

canvass-homesYCSD investigators interviewed residents living near the Smith/O'Connor home to find out if they saw or heard anything unusual the night Veronica Smith died.

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  Tara — Seems like her neighbours weren't too fond of the victim. Th......
  TDA — Well, Lee Duncans remarks are quite interesting. Seems to be......

the-sisterAt George O'Connor's suggestion, the detectives spoke with Elizabeth Sherman to learn more about her sister Veronica Smith's relationships outside her family.

Hilton-BurnsThe detectives interviewed Hilton Burns, who is a partner in the YGC, about Veronica Smith and his relationship with her.

dr-mendoza2The detectives interviewed James Mendoza, who is a partner in the YGC, about Veronica Smith and his relationship with her.

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  Azna — Whats with the "hidden" adress? A shame that they didn't g......

friends-canvassYCSD investigators canvassed Veronica Smith’s friends and acquaintances to gather information about her and her whereabouts the evening she died.

gastro-signThe detectives interviewed Veronica Smith's coworkers at the Yoknapatawpha Gastroenterology Center to learn more her relationships and her recent demeanor.

Michael O'Connor, Veronica's brother-in-law

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy interviewed Michael O’Connor after learning about his history with his sister-in-law.

video-will-sandsWill Sands is a bartender at The Roadhouse, where Veronica Smith had drinks with some friends the night she died.

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  freddiejoecjr@yahoo.com — Have we located and/or interviewed any Victoria Smiths that ......
  freddiejoecjr@yahoo.com — what were the names of the competing limo services, and why ......

cassandra-summersAttorney Cassandra Summers represented Veronica Smith in the malpractice suit filed by Kenneth Lemmons.

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  TDA — Well, with Veronica now out of the way, perhaps Mr Lemmons h......

felicia-mcgrawDetectives met Dr. McGraw during a canvass of hospital employees and pulled her aside for a private, one-on-one interview.

hospital-canvassInvestigators canvassed hospital employees to learn more about Veronica Smith’s relationships there.

video-Dwight-KramerDwight Kramer is an assistant administrator at Baptist Memorial Hospital where Dr. Veronica Smith sometimes performed procedures.

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  TDA — 1. My last objections have now been resolved. The note is no......

canvass-george-oconnorInvestigators canvassed George O’Connor’s friends and acquaintances to learn more about him, his relationships and his activities the night his wife died.

canvass-elizabeth-shermanInvestigators canvassed Elizabeth Sherman’s friends and acquaintances to learn more about her, her relationships and her activities the night her sister died.

canvass-michael-oconnorInvestigators canvassed Michael O'Connor's acquaintances and coworkers to learn more about him and his activities the night Veronica Smith died.

canvass-hilton-burnsInvestigators canvassed Dr. Burns’ acquaintances and coworkers to learn more about him and his activities the night Veronica Smith died.

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  quarterlfecrisis — seems like he made it a point to tell everyone he was stayin......

richard-hayesRichard Hayes represents Kenneth Lemmons in his malpractice suit against Veronica Smith, her practice, her partners and the hospital.

video-ruthie-foremanRuthie Foreman is the head surgical nurse at Baptist Memorial Hospital where Veronica Smith sometimes performed procedures.

wallave-vidThe detectives interviewed Veronica Smith's ex-husband Wallace Smith via video conference from his home office in New York.

re-canvass-homesInvestigators re-interviewed the Smith/O'Connor neighbors to find out if they'd seen anything unusual in the area during the weeks before Veronica Smith's death.

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  coralieblues — Door of the garage opened 6 times: - 2 times for Veronica Sm......

video-kenneth-lemmonsThe detectives interviewed Kenneth Lemmons about his lawsuit against Veronica Smith for malpractice in the death of his wife, Danielle Lemmons.

canvass-james-mendozaInvestigators spoke to Dr. Mendoza’s wife and some hospital personnel to learn more about him and his activities the night Veronica Smith died.

billy-leeMargaret Brittingham said Billee's Auto Service replaced Veronica Smith's slashed tires. The detectives interviewed the owner, Billy Lee, about the repairs.

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  coralieblues — Veronica bought a car, one year ago. The four tires are slas......


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