Veronica SmithOxford doctor Veronica Smith was found dead in her home on Friday night, May 11, 2012. Her husband and daughter discovered the body when they returned home.

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  Mshuto — Kenneth, Mrs. Lemmons Husband, is the Prime Suspect here if ......
  Jin Park — Lot's of possible suspects with motives!...

george-oconnorGeorge O'Connor grew up in Oxford and now works as a software developer at Ole Miss. He and Veronica Smith have been married since 2006.

haley-smith-dance2Haley Smith is the only child of Veronica Smith and first husband, Wallace Smith. Haley has lived with Veronica and second husband George O'Conner since 2006.

the-sisterElizabeth Sherman and her younger sister Veronica Smith did not get along at all as kids. As adults, their relationship was better but not perfect.

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  TDA — Orion, thanks for your efforts in trying to answer my ques......
  Marlene Stenschke — Atm I still have Kenneth Lemmons and Veronicas business part......

Hilton-BurnsDr. Hilton Burns is a partner in the Yoknapatawpha Gastroenterology Center with Dr. James Mendoza and Dr. Veronica Smith.

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  quarterlfecrisis — If i had to call it right now I would say this guy and Ruthi......
  Verne Coventry — Here is another man with a medical back ground with a motive......

dr-mendoza2Dr. James Mendoza is a partner in the Yoknapatawpha Gastroenterology Center with Dr. Hilton Burns and Dr. Veronica Smith.

Michael O'Connor, Veronica's brother-in-law

Michael O’Connor was Veronica Smith’s brother-in-law and ex-boyfriend. Some say Michael has never forgiven his brother George for marrying Veronica.

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  Hayli Johnna — Michael did have a motive.....but I can't blame Veronica and......
  TDA — Another question is why wait 6 years before one strikes? If ......

will-sands-bioWill is an Oxford native and has been a popular bartender at The Roadhouse for years.

Dwight-KramerDwight Kramer is an assistant administrator at Baptist Memorial Hospital, where he sometimes interacted with Veronica Smith.

ruthie-foremanRuthie Foreman was born and raised in Oxford. She now works at Baptist Memorial Hospital, where she sometimes interacted with Veronica Smith.

bio-WallaceSmithWallace and Veronica Smith were married when both were in med school. They have one daughter and have been divorced nearly 10 years. He now lives in New York.

bio-kenneth-lemmonsKenneth Lemmons grew up in nearby Batesville, Mississippi, and moved to Oxford after he met his late wife Danielle, who passed away almost a year ago.

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