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Suspect #1 interrogation, part 2

The detectives returned to Suspect #1 to see if they were ready to be more forthcoming.

Suspect #2 interrogation

The detectives brought in a second suspect to discuss evidence implicating them in Kelly's murder.

Suspect #1 interrogation

The detectives brought in a suspect to discuss evidence implicating them in Kelly's murder.

Search evidence analysis

The lab examined items collected pursuant to search warrants in the Moran investigation.

Updated fingerprint analysis

The lab updated their Moran case fingerprint analysis with new evidence and comparisons.

Search inventories

YCSD investigators searched the residences of persons of interest in the Kelly Moran homicide investigation.

Moran case search warrants

YCSD investigators obtained warrants to search for evidence at a number of locations.

Alibi check

Investigators summarized the alibis for persons of interest and whether those alibis could be corroborated.

Kenny Ross interview #2

The detectives asked Kenny if he could tie up some loose ends in the investigation.

David Estrada interview #2

The detectives wanted to get David's input on some questions potentially related to his profession.

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