Lynette Martinson found Jerry Shaw's bodyLynette Martinson, a nurse at Yoknapatawpha Acres Nursing Home, discovered Jerry Shaw's body and called 911.

Phil Shaw, victim's brotherThe detectives spoke to Phillip Shaw about his late brother, Jerry.

Richard Landrigan, Nursing home manager

The detectives spoke to nursing home manager Richard Landrigan about his employee Jerry Shaw.

Natalie Martin supervised Jerry Shaw at the nursing homeThe detectives spoke with Yoknapatawpha Acres head nurse Natalie Martin about her co-worker Jerry Shaw.

Bernice Darling, Jerry Shaw's co-worker

Bernice Darling is a nursing assistant at the Yoknapatawpha Acres nursing home where Jerry Shaw worked.

Erin Bailey worked with Jerry ShawThe detectives talked to nurse Erin Bailey about her co-worker Jerry Shaw.

LaDonna Kitterman worked with Jerry Shaw at the nursing homeThe detectives talked to LaDonna Kitterman, a nurse's aide who worked with Jerry Shaw at the Yoknapatawpha Acres Nursing Home.

Matt Hooper argued with Jerry Shaw the day he died

Matt Hooper delivers oxygen to different nursing homes in the Oxford area, including Yoknapatawpha Acres where he met Jerry Shaw.

Sylvia Powell, nurse

The detectives talked to Yoknapatawpha Acres nurse Sylvia Powell about her relationship with Jerry Shaw.

Rose Jenkins reportedly complains about the way Jerry Shaw touched herThe detectives asked nursing home resident Rose Jenkins about her alleged complaint about Jerry Shaw.

Magnolia Harbison didn't like Jerry ShawThe detectives talked to Mrs. Harbison about her Yoknapatawpha Acres roommate Rose Jenkins and their encounters with Jerry Shaw.

Ed Harbison saw Jerry Shaw the day he diedThe detectives spoke to Ed Harbison about his and his mother's experiences with Jerry Shaw at Yoknapatawpha Acres.

Albert Clark keeps a lot of secrets

The detectives talked to Yoknapatawpha Acres resident Albert Clark about Jerry Shaw and life at the nursing home.

Bill Rogers sees what goes on at the nursing home

The detectives talked to nursing home resident Bill Rogers about what he saw the day Jerry Shaw died.

Jack Thomson didn't approve of the way Jerry Shaw treated patientsThe detectives spoke with nurse's aide Jack Thomson about working at the Yoknapatawpha Acres with Jerry Shaw.

Joe Wilson reveals details about operations at the nursing home

The detectives talked to Yoknapatawpha Acres head cook Joseph Wilson about the goings-on at the nursing home.

Lillie Cain saw who came and went the day of the murderThe detectives talked to the nursing home's receptionist about the people who were in and out on the day Jerry Shaw died.

Natalie Martin's circumstances have changed since her last interview

The detectives tracked down Natalie Martin for some follow-up questions and learned something surprising.

Margery Adams is livid about the way her mother's been treatedThe detectives caught up with Margery Adams who was in town to see to her mother, Rose Jenkins.

Bernice Darling answered more questions about her co-workers

The detectives asked Bernice Darling some follow-up questions about several of her co-workers.

LaDonna Kitterman answered questions about Jerry Shaw and Rose Jenkins

The detectives had some follow-up questions for LaDonna Kitterman about Jerry Shaw and Rose Jenkins.

What didn't Sylvia tell the detectives the first time they talked?

The detectives asked Sylvia Powell to come in to answer some additional questions about Jerry Shaw and his relationships.

The detectives pressed Richard Landrigan on his conduct at the nursing home

The detectives had several follow-up questions for nursing home manager Richard Landrigan.

Did Matt Hooper have motive and opportunity to kill Jerry Shaw?

The detectives pressed Matt Hooper for more details on his relationship with Jerry Shaw and his whereabouts the afternoon Jerry died.

Now that Natalie Martin has a new job, will she reveal more of what she knows?

The detectives met with Natalie Martin again in hopes her changed circumstances would free her up to talk more openly.

Does Richard Landrigan have information to exchange for a deal on the charges he's facing?

The detectives wanted to find out if Richard Landrigan was feeling more cooperative since his situation recently changed.

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