Margery Adams is Rose Jenkins's daughterMargery Jenkins was born on April 1, 1963, to Daniel and Rose Jenkins. She was an only child and her parents' pride and joy.

Margery was walking by 10 months old, and once she started talking, she never stopped. Daniel always said she should be a lawyer when she grew up because she never gave up and she would argue about anything just to keep the conversation going.

Rose taught Margery how to sew, cook and make flower arrangements. She wanted her daughter to be a florist or a chef.

Margery was a cheerleader in elementary school, and she played volleyball and ran track in junior high. In high school, she put all her focus on her grades and graduated at the top of her class.

Margery went on to college, and there she met a young man named Timothy Adams. They had so much in common. Both were only children from Mississippi. They were both avid readers and jogged daily. Neither one wanted to have children.

Soon, they fell in love, and Tim proposed. They got married while they were still in college. Tim graduated two years before Margery, and he went home to Ashland, Mississippi, to get situated in a job and find a house where Margery would join him when she graduated.

When Margery told her parents that she and Tim were going to live in Ashland, Daniel and Rose were happy for her although they wished she could be closer. Margery assured them that it wasn't so far away, and she and Tim would still come visit whenever they could.

After Daniel's death in early 2013, Margery noticed that Rose seemed to be forgetful, almost as if she was actually losing pieces of her life.

Rose kept saying that she wanted to go home, that her house wasn't where she lived. One morning, Margery received a phone call from one of her mother's neighbors that Rose had walked far into the woods and apparently gotten lost. Some turkey hunters saw her and knew a woman of her age shouldn't have been in the woods in her nightgown. When they asked her where she lived, she told them, "I have a house in the middle of these woods." But Rose had never had a house in the woods.

This scared Margery so much that she made arrangements for her mother to move into the Yoknapatawpha Acres nursing home where trained staff could take care of her 24/7 and keep her safe.

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