garrett-ambroseAmbrose Garrett was found unresponsive at the Whitehall Community Center, hours after the HOA meeting ended. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Chester HawkinsChester Hawkins was apprehended behaving erratically outside Whitehall Community Center the night Ambrose Garrett died.

julie-arbuckleJulie Arbuckle was president of the Whitehall HOA for six years until she lost the election to Ambrose Garrett.

delilah-garrettDelilah and Ambrose Garrett had been married for 21 years when he died. She was one of the few people who always got along with him.

Rick CrawfordRick Crawford went to work for Ambrose Garrett right out of high school. He apparently spends most of his time working or with an elderly aunt.

mary-wallaceMary Wallace was born and raised in Oxford. Widowed at an early age, she devoted herself to volunteer work including with the Whitehall HOA.

David McMahanDavid McMahan moved to Oxford when his wife got a job at Ole Miss. He became the Whitehall HOA treasurer in 2010 and worked closely with Ambrose Garrett.

Shannon BowerShannon Bower has lived in the Whitehall neighborhood since 2007. She gets along with nearby residents but not with everyone in the neighborhood.

Warren EdwardsWarren Edwards is known as a fastidious man, committed to order and propriety. He and his family have lived in Whitehall for more than 20 years.

jamie-covingtonJamie Covington lives in Whitehall with his parents, who travel frequently, leaving Jamie free to host parties in the family home.

Erin MarkhamErin Markham bought a home in Whitehall five years ago but only moved into it last year, which is when she first got to know Ambrose Garrett.

Patrick TylerPatrick Tyler has lived in Whitehall for 12 years and has been friends with Delilah Garrett since they were in college together.


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