Julie Arbuckle, found the body

Julie Arbuckle found Ambrose Garrett unresponsive at the community center and called 911. Detectives interviewed her at the scene.

garrett-delilahThe detectives went to Baptist Memorial Hospital where Delilah Garrett was working to notify her of her husband's death.

Area canvassYCSD investigators canvassed the area around Whitehall Community Center to determine whether anyone saw or heard anything the night of July 15, 2012.

Chester Hawkins

Chester Hawkins was apprehended at the crime scene after causing a disturbance outside the Whitehall Community Center.

Julie Arbuckle

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy re-interviewed Julie Arbuckle to find out if she'd remembered anything else about the night Ambrose Garrett died.


The detectives conducted a more complete interview with Delilah Garrett a few days after her husband's death.

Rick Crawford

Rick Crawford has been Ambrose Garrett's personal assistant for the last six years. The detectives talked to him about Ambrose's business.

Mary WallaceMary Wallace is secretary of the Whitehall HOA. The detectives talked to her about the HOA and the meeting the night Ambrose Garrett died.

David McMahan

David McMahan is the Whitehall HOA treasurer and attended the HOA meeting the night Ambrose Garrett died.

Shannon Bower

Shannon Bower argued with Ambrose Garrett at the Whitehall HOA meeting the night he died.

Warren Edwards

Warren Edwards and Ambrose Garrett generally got along, but recently the two had clashed over Ambrose's actions and his decisions as HOA president.

Jamie CovingtonNeighbors know Jamie Covington as a charming mischief-maker, who enjoyed tweaking Ambrose Garrett especially at Whitehall HOA meetings.

Erin Markham

Erin Markham was at the Whitehall HOA meeting the night Ambrose Garrett died and is one of the people who feel that Ambrose wasn't strict enough.

Patrick TylerPatrick Tyler lives in Whitehall and works at the same hospital as Delilah Garrett. He was at the HOA meeting the night Ambrose Garrett died.

henrietta-jonesThe detectives talked with Henrietta Jones, Delilah Garrett's supervisor, about Delilah's shifts on July 15 and about Delilah as a person.

hospital-canvassYCSD investigators spoke with Delilah Garrett's co-workers who were on shift the afternoon and night of July 15, 2012.

Delilah GarrettThe detectives re-interviewed Delilah Garrett to follow up on information uncovered since their last conversation.

Warren Edwards

The detectives re-interviewed Warren Edwards to find out why his fingerprints were on one of the glasses found at the crime scene.

Mary WallaceThe detectives re-interviewed Mary Wallace at her home in Whitehall.

Patrick Tyler

The detectives re-interviewed Patrick Tyler at his home in Whitehall.

Julie ArbuckleThe detectives talked to Julie Arbuckle again to follow up on information uncovered since their last interview.

Jamie CovingtonThe detectives re-interviewed Jamie Covington at the YCSD, in hopes of getting him to take the interview more seriously.

Eve Edwards

The detectives interviewed Eve Edwards, daughter of Warren Edwards, while YCSD investigators were executing a search warrant at the residence.

David McMahan

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy re-interviewed David McMahan at his residence on Cedar Hill Drive.

Shannon Bower

The detectives re-interviewed Shannon Bower to follow up on information gathered from other witness interviews.

man40The detectives interviewed Bryan Mortimer to follow up on Shannon Bower's claim that she visited him after the HOA meeting before going home.


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