Fontaine found deadControversial businessman Philip Fontaine was found dead in the kitchen of his home. His wife Ashley discovered the bloody scene and called 911.

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  Notte — notte might be an affair between the step mom and son...
  ace135 — were there any insurance policies on his life - if so who wo......

TV News Report on Fontaine murderAction News reports live from the Fontaine crime scene.


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  msdetective — was this te real broadcast? wow...

New evidence in Fontaine case?The Oxford Eagle reports on defense claims that Philip Fontaine's accused killer will be cleared by new evidence implicating another suspect.

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  PoppySleuth — what happen to ashley and grant now ??...
  Notte — Open mind open views....

Victim's rival investigatedThe Oxford Eagle reports on Bruno Coleman's involvement in the investigation.

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  Shuli P Ackmun — About John Franklin Here is what i managed to lavage out. ......


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