Ashley Fontaine, the victim's wife

The victim's wife says she was out with friends the night of the murder and that she and her stepson arrived home at the same time and found Philip's body.

Grant Fontaine, the victim's sonThe victim's son wouldn't or couldn't provide details about where he was or who he was with the night his father was killed.

Raquel Santos, the victim's employeeRaquel Santos left work at the victim's house the day of the murder after a disagreement with a household member. Warning: Contains some strong language.

Joey Beecher, the victim's employeeJoey Beecher was supposed to meet with the victim on the night of the murder, but said his boss didn't answer his knocks on the door so he left.

Stacy Beecher, Joey's wifeDetectives Armstrong and Murphy interviewed Stacy Beecher to get more information about her husband Joey's alibi.

Benito Flores, the victim's former employeeThe detectives spoke to Benito Flores to try to find out whether there was any truth to the rumors that he sold drugs to the victim's son.

Javier Montoya, the victim's attorneyJavier Montoya reluctantly agreed to tell the detectives a little about the legal matters he was working on for Philip Fontaine just before the murder.

Gerald Archer, bankerGerald Archer talked about Philip Fontaine's typical banking activities, his family's access to the accounts and his transactions just before he was murdered.

Kenny Ross, informantKenny Ross is serving time on a drug charge and sometimes provides information to assist with investigations. He claims Grant Fontaine was once his customer.

Bruno Coleman, the victim's rivalBruno Coleman was one of the victim's business competitors. It's no secret that the two men did not like each other and often had conflicting interests.

Will Sands, bartender at The RoadhouseAs a longtime bartender at a popular bar & grill, Will Sands knows a lot about the people who come in and what they're talking about.

Karen Lewis, the victim's secretaryPhilip Fontaine's longtime secretary Karen Lewis spoke to the detectives about the victim's relationships with his family, friends and enemies.

Dawn Thurman, the victim's mistressOfficially, Dawn Thurman was Philip Fontaine's personal trainer, but it was an open secret that she was also his mistress.

Amber Dunn, personal trainerAmber Dunn, a friend of the victim's mistress Dawn Thurman, spoke to detectives about the relationship between Philip Fontaine and Ms. Thurman.

Joey Beecher, the victim's employeeThe detectives re-interviewed Joey Beecher to review his alibi and to find out if he knew Philip Fontaine was considering changing his will to benefit Joey.

Grant Fontaine, the victim's sonThe detectives re-interviewed Grant Fontaine to try to nail down where he really was the night his father was killed.

Will Sands, bartender

The detectives asked bartender Will Sands to come in again so they could try to find out if he "forgot" to mention anything in his first interview.

Kyle Parker, the widow's loverKyle Parker works as a personal trainer. Most of his clients are women, and he provides additional services to some of them, including Ashley Fontaine.

Grant Fontaine, the victim's sonThe detectives pressed Grant Fontaine for more details about his fight with his father and whether he knew about the $15,000 cash his father reportedly had.

Raquel Santos, the victim's employeeThe detectives re-interviewed Raquel Santos to learn more about her boyfriend Benito Flores and her fight with Ashley Fontaine. Warning: Contains some strong language.

Benito Flores, the victim's former employeeWhile the Flores/Santos search was still ongoing, the detectives re-interviewed Benito Flores about his whereabouts the night Philip Fontaine was killed.

John FranklinJohn Franklin owns a farm that Philip Fontaine was trying to buy. Mr. Franklin recently contacted the detectives to say he had information about the case.


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