Gerald Archer, bankerGerald Archer was born on October 22, 1960, in Oxford, Mississippi. He was the third from a long line of wealthy bankers. He was educated at the finest preparatory schools, where he learned all the social graces and a few social vices too.

After graduating from preparatory school, Gerald enrolled as a freshman at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. Even though he was a good student, he also liked to party and his wild behavior eventually got him expelled. He went back to Oxford and enrolled at the University of Mississippi.

When he graduated from college, Gerald began work as a junior account executive at what was then the Bank of Mississippi. He enjoyed banking well enough and was very good at it. He stayed with the bank through all the ups and downs over the years, and was steadily promoted in recognition of his loyalty and excellent work.

In 1983, he sought out his high school sweetheart, Amelia Crawford. He'd once given her a promise ring, and he told her that even though they'd lost touch for a while, he still wanted to keep that promise if she did too. Gerald and Amelia had a grand wedding in June 1985, and in the subsequent years, they welcomed a son and a daughter into their family.

Gerald is friendly with the wealthy bank customers like Philip Fontaine, and he always makes sure to give them the best service. Some say he's even willing to temporarily bend the rules on occasion to help them out of a tight spot. Fontaine and his peers appreciated Gerald's efforts on their behalf, but they've never really embraced him as part of their social circle.

Gerald wants to be considered one of Oxford's elite movers and shakers and has hoped the favors he does would get him the recognition he feels he deserves. The fact that it doesn't seem to be working is a source of constant frustration for him.

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