Benito Flores, the victim's former employeeBenito Flores made his arrival into the world on July 23, 1975, in the back seat of a 1956 Chevy in Austin, Texas.  His parents, Seraphina and Thomas Flores, were on their way to the Seraphina’s parents' house, but Benito was born before they could make it there.

Benito was an only child and his parents were very happy to have him, even though they were having a hard time financially.  The family was strapped for money throughout their lives.

Benito struggled to get through school and managed to graduate, but he had started using drugs during high school and his grades were below average. When he found that he didn’t have the qualifications for the jobs that he applied for; he started taking odd jobs.

He found another way to make money and that was by selling dope. Since he used it so much, he had to find a way to buy it and odd jobs worked.

He went out with many different women, but never got serious until the night he met Raquel Santos. He spotted her at a singles dance in 2007 in Austin, and they began dating. Benito became so crazy about her that he asked her to move in with him and she did. Things weren’t always rosy in the Flores house, because both of them were drug users and most of their income went for those drugs.

A friend visiting from Oxford, Mississippi, told Benito that there was plenty of work in Oxford, so he and Raquel moved there. He found a job working part time for Philip Fontaine doing whatever work Mr. Fontaine’s handyman, Joey Beecher, assigned to him.

Benito heard the Fontaines needed a new maid and he told Raquel she should try for it, since that’s what she had been doing in Austin.  She applied for and got the job.

Shortly after Benito started working at the Fontaines', he and Mr. Fontaine’s son Grant became friendly. Before long, Joey Beecher accused Benito of selling drugs to Grant and fired him on the spot.

Since his dismissal from the Fontaines, Benito has worked sporadically as a day laborer but never seems to be low on cash.

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