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New Information for Detectives

Will Sands interview

The detectives asked Will about some Roadhouse customers relevant to the investigation.

Will Sands bio

Will has been a popular bartender at The Roadhouse for years.

Social media login data

Investigators obtained the IP addresses associated with Daniel Collier's Facebook logins.

Alibi check – Jordan

Investigators checked on the whereabouts of one of Daniel's co-workers around the time he disappeared.

Evidence analysis – vehicle

The Crime Lab analyzed evidence from Daniel Collier's vehicle. Additional analyses are ongoing.

Carol Carter interview

The detectives spoke to om of Joanne Ebner's employers.

Alibi check – Hathaway

Investigators asked Sharon's employer about her work hours around the time Daniel was last seen.

Allison Kennedy interview

The detectives talked to Sharon's best friend about their activities in early January.

New Information for Officers


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