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New Information for Detectives

Jack McPhail interview

In 1998, Detective Nelson reached out to retired Detective McPhail about the Izard investigation.

Jack McPhail bio

Jack McPhail was born and raised in Yoknapatawpha County

Social Services placement record

Doris Hammack was placed with multiple families in the Detroit foster care system.

Social Services intake report

The Immaculata Girls Home contacted Social Services after Doris was left in their care.

Letter to Immaculata Girls Home

Doris Hammack had a brief letter with her when she was left with the nuns.

Det. Terry Nelson bio

Detective Nelson led the 1998 re-investigation of the Izard case.

Doris Hammack interview

In 1998, Doris Hammack approached the YCSD, saying she had possible new information in the Izard case.

1960: Izard murders remain a mystery

Two years after the Izard tragedy, the Oxford Eagle reported on the status of the investigation.

New Information for Officers

Walter Hinkley personnel file

1958 investigators obtained a copy of Walter Hinkley's personnel file from the Bowlan Glove Factory.

Howard Hadley personnel file

1958 investigators obtained a copy of Howard Hadley's personnel file from the Bowlan Glove Factory.

Jessie Danahy personnel file

1958 investigators obtained a copy of Jessie Danahy's personnel file from the Bowlan Glove Factory.

Elliot Perch alibi check

In 1958, YCSD investigators attempted to verify union organizer Elliot Perch's alibi.

Travis Gilley interview summary

In 1958, Detective McPhail spoke with the bartender at Sid's Tavern about the comings and goings of multiple suspects and witnesses on the day of the murders.

1958 cleared suspect interview summaries

1958 investigators were able to clear some potential suspects of involvement.

Frank Valenti bio

After going to work at Bowlan Glove, Frank became a bit of a troublemaker.

Children snatched, parents murdered

The local newspaper reported on the community's reaction to the murders and other developments.


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