Marvin is more interested in studying than parties and video games

Marvin Lewis bio

Marvin Franklin Lewis was born on November 5, 1997, and was the only child of Mary and Marvin Franklin Lewis, Sr.

Marvin, Sr. was a pediatric physician, and Mary was a registered nurse. Although both parents had demanding professions often requiring long hours away from home, both were committed to creating as much family time as possible.

Marvin was well-adjusted and content with his only-child status. From an early age, he showed an aptitude for science and a voracious appetite for non-fiction.

Marvin's parents encouraged him to fully explore his interests in both engineering and medicine in the hopes that he would find the career best suited to his aptitude and his desire.

While researching his 7th-grade science project on how engineering and medicine intersect, Marvin discovered Dr. Robert Jarvik’s invention of the Jarvik7 artificial heart, and its 1982 implantation into a human. Marvin was intrigued and began considering a career in cardiology.

Throughout school, even though Marvin was known to other students as shy and nerdy, he was well-liked. During junior high, Marvin met Blake Jenson, who was popular and social, the opposite of Marvin. Even so, Blake and Marvin hit it off and became close friends.

In 2010, at the age of 41, Mary died suddenly of a massive heart attack, leaving Marvin and his father devastated. After his mother’s death, Marvin was determined to become a cardiothoracic surgeon.

Marvin excelled in high school, maintaining a 4.0 average all four years. He’s a junior at Ole Miss in pre-med studies and is preparing to take the MCAT exam in January 2020.