Jake Hemphill worked with the victim, Douglas ReedThe detectives interviewed Jake Hemphill about his discovery of Douglas Reed's body.

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  AKSimba — What was the problem with moving the conference to L.A......

Yvonne Boyd is the Events Manager at the YCCC

The detectives interviewed Yvonne Boyd about her involvement in the discovery of Douglas Reed's body.

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  cfp — I can't believe the lie's she would blatantly tell the detec......

Dr. Andrew Carlson was scheduled to present in the room where the victim's body was found.

The detectives interviewed Andrew Carlson about his participation in the conference and his connection with the meeting room where Douglas Reed's body was found.

Amadeo Peralta works at the YCCC

The detectives interviewed YCCC employee Amadeo Peralta about what he witnessed in the YCCC parking lot the night of July 21, 2013.

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  Notte — I am thinking that it is carol and Jill he sees. It could be......
  cfp — I'm beginning to wonder if there might be a connection betwe......

Investigators canvassed YCCC employees and guests for witnesses in the Douglas Reed murderYCSD investigators canvassed YCCC employees and guests for witnesses to anything unusual between 6:00 p.m. July 21 and 7:00 a.m. July 22, 2013.

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  AKSimba — They all are at the crime scene around the posted TOD and if......
  AKSimba — She could describe the man she had met but then couldn't ide......

Dan Johnson, head of the English department

The detectives interviewed Douglas Reed's boss, Dan Johnson, to learn more about Dr. Reed as an employee, co-worker and friend.

Tate Moore works at a local nursery

An employee of a local business notified the sheriff's department of a shocking discovery on their premises.

The detectives interviewed English department faculty.

The detectives interviewed members of the Ole Miss English department about the victim, Douglas Reed.

Nora Percy was the victim's girlfriend

The detectives interviewed Nora Percy to find out more about Douglas Reed and the nature of her relationship with him.

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  cfp — It is my view that Jake was using Monte as a mole to get inf......
  aslem.souayed — iT'S not true !...

Laurence Bricker openly disapproved of his colleague Douglas Reed

The detectives interviewed Dr. Reed's colleague, Laurence Bricker, after multiple witnesses mentioned that the two men did not get along.

Monte Marcos worked closely with Doug Reed

The detectives interviewed Dr. Reed's teaching assistant, Monte Marcos, to get his perspective on the victim's workplace and personal relationships.

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  cfp — I've been going over the evidence again to review. Nora Per......

Carol Fitch is the senior secretary for the Ole Miss English department.

The detectives interviewed the English department's senior secretary to learn more about the victim's workplace and the conference events.

Jill Osborne was often on the receiving end of Dr. Reed's wrath

The detectives interviewed the English department's administrative assistant to learn more about the victim's workplace demeanor.

Does Jake Hemphill know more about Douglas Reed's murder than he's saying?

The detectives re-interviewed Jake Hemphill, who found the body, to get more information about his relationship with Douglas Reed.

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  cfp — I believe that Jill did go to Jake with the information that......

Yvonne Boyd comes clean about her relationship with Douglas Reed

The detectives re-interviewed Yvonne Boyd to clarify some questions about the nature of her relationship with Douglas Reed.

Who did Monte Marcos tell about the video?

The detectives re-interviewed Monte Marcos to find out who else knew about the video he shot of Douglas Reed at the YCCC.

Greg Jackson is a manager at Hunter's HollowThe detectives interviewed the manager of an Oxford store that sells the kind of pepper spray consistent with that found on the victim's body.

Was Nora Percy really OK with Doug Reed's other women?

The detectives asked Nora Percy to clarify her thoughts on Doug Reed's relationships with other women, and they learned a few new details as well.

Why doesn't Carol Fitch know what time she left that night?

The detectives re-interviewed Carol Fitch to follow up on some inconsistencies and new evidence that have emerged since their last conversation with her.

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  Notte — I think she dropped the the pepper spray on purpose The gu......
  cfp — I'm beginning to think that Dr. Reed was killed by his own g......

Where was Jill Osborne the night of the Rowan Oak event?

The detectives re-interviewed Jill Osborne to try to clear up the timeline of comings and goings the night before Douglas Reed's body was found.

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