English professor Doug Reed was a rising star, popular with many Ole Miss students and colleagues.

DOB: May 27, 1979
Occupation: Assistant Professor
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Relationship to case: Found the body
Excerpt: "What began as a friendly rivalry stemming from their similar ages and backgrounds soon turned into resentment as Douglas Reed seemed intent on..."

DOB: Sept. 6, 1973
Occupation: YCCC Events Manager
Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana
Relationship to case: Called 911
Excerpt: "[Yvonne and her husband] agreed to work on their relationship by scheduling regular date nights [...] until recently, when Taylor..."

DOB: Oct. 29, 1963
Occupation: Director, Center for Faulkner Studies
Hometown: Summerville, SC
Relationship to case: Conference speaker
Excerpt: "By the time [Andrew] was a freshman, he served detention weekly for disrespect, culminating in a suspension before Christmas break for..."

DOB: June 23, 1957
Occupation: Chair, Ole Miss English Dept.
Hometown: Oxford, MS
Relationship to case: Victim's boss
Excerpt: "Mary never mentioned Daniel's father, and Daniel never learned..."

DOB: Dec. 18, 1977
Occupation: Assistant professor, Ole Miss Business School
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Relationship to case: Victim's girlfriend
Excerpt: "[Nora's] relationship with Douglas Reed ... was the longest she had experienced since high school, and she believed..."

DOB: Oct. 3, 1964
Occupation: Professor, Ole Miss English dept
Hometown: Lexington, VA
Relationship to case: Victim's co-worker
Excerpt: "Laurence believed he wasn't there to make friends. He was there to work, a view he wished were shared by..."

Monte Marcos, graduate studentDOB: Oct. 20, 1990
Occupation: Graduate student, Ole Miss
Hometown: Metarie, LA
Relationship to case: Victim's teaching assistant
Excerpt: "Monte realized his dream of attending Ole Miss to pursue all things Faulkner, and ... was mentored by Associate Professor Doug Reed ... Monte's goal is..."

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  cfp — Gee, it doesn't look good for Monte. Because, it is hard t......

DOB: Mar. 7, 1963
Occupation: Senior Secretary, Ole Miss English dept
Hometown: Oxford, MS
Relationship to case: Victim's co-worker
Excerpt: "[Carol's] efforts in the [conference] planning committee, however, faced a persistent roadblock named..."

DOB: May 5, 1987
Occupation: Admin Assistant, Ole Miss English dept
Hometown: Beaufort, SC
Relationship to case: Victim's co-worker
Excerpt: "Sensing Jill's near morbid shyness, Carol acted not only as Jill's mentor, but also as her protector against..."

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  cfp — From what I have read in interviews regarding these two wome......


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