yvonne-boydDetectives Murphy and Parker interviewed Yvonne Boyd at the YCCC a few hours after she found Jared Plunk's bloody body and called 911.

allison-plunkDetectives Murphy and Parker interviewed the victim's wife, Alison Plunk, at the YCCC a few hours after his body was found.

Max SnyderMax Snyder organized the Elvis conference where murder victim Jared Plunk was scheduled to be the keynote speaker.


Detectives Murphy and Parker interviewed Yvonne Boyd at the YCCC a few hours after she found Jared Plunk's bloody body and called 911.

Kelly BradleyMultiple witnesses reported that Kelly Bradley had been having an affair with the victim, Jared Plunk, until Plunk broke it off just before his murder.

max-snyder-2ndMax Snyder contacted the detectives to say he'd remembered additional information that could be relevant to the Jared Plunk murder investigation.

Sonya Davis

Sonya Davis was originally scheduled to be the keynote speaker at the Elvis conference, but replaced on short notice by the victim, Jared Plunk.

Lindsey SnyderLindsey Snyder and her husband, Max, organized the Elvis conference and were responsible for booking the victim, Jared Plunk, as the keynote speaker.

Peter Davis

In light of Jared Plunk's relationships with Sonya and Joy Davis, the detectives spoke to Peter Davis about his interactions with the victim.

Carl Warren

Carl Warren describes himself as the pastor of the Elvis Faithful. He knew Jared Plunk and attended the conference where Plunk was murdered.

Buzz Dakota

Buzz Dakota was picked up for loitering outside the YCCC on Friday night, January 11. When he talked about Elvis, the arresting officer notified detectives.

Rose Pearson, Elvis tribute artist

Rose Marie Pearson is an Elvis tribute artist and fan. She came to the conference to confront Jared Plunk about what he planned to say in his presentation.

Quentin Evans, conference attendeeQuentin Evans was one of the attendees at the Elvis conference where Jared Plunk was stabbed to death.

Taylor Boyd, victim's former partner and cuckold

Taylor Boyd had plenty of reasons to resent Jared Plunk, including their abruptly-terminated business partnership and Plunk's affair with his wife.

2nd Follow-up interview with Yvonne Boyd

The detectives re-interviewed Yvonne Boyd to try to get more information about some questions that have come up since their last conversation.

Alison Plunk, the victim's wife

The detectives re-interviewed Alison Plunk to ask her about new information uncovered since their last conversation.

Max Snyder, Elvis conference organizer

The detectives re-interviewed Max Snyder to try to get answers to some questions that have arisen since their last conversation.

Sonya Davis, replaced by the victim as keynote speaker

The detectives re-interviewed Sonya Davis to find out more about some questions that have arisen since their last conversation.

Peter Davis

The detectives spoke to Peter Davis again to follow up on some statements his wife made in her recent interview.

Rose Marie Pearson, Elvis tribute artist

The detectives talked to Rose Pearson again to see if she remembered anything more about the people she saw the morning Jared Plunk was killed.

Carl Warren, founder of the Elvis Faithful

The detectives re-interviewed Carl Warren about how the conference, the so-called Elvis Letters, and Jared Plunk's murder affected the Elvis Faithful.

John Morrison, local waiter

Local waiter John Morrison contacted the YCSD about what he saw at a dinner party attended by Jared Plunk and several suspects in his murder.

Buzz Dakota

The detectives re-interviewed Buzz Dakota to see if they could get any more details about the people he saw at the YCCC the morning Jared Plunk was killed.

Lindsey Snyder

The detectives spoke to Mrs. Snyder again to follow-up on what John Morrison told them.


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