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Is Morgan's story about the night of the murder believable?

Did Morgan confess to any more crimes when he talked to the detectives a second time?

Was Eli really as ambivalent about his co-worker Caroline Jordan as he sounds?

Was Eli really as ambivalent about his co-worker Caroline Jordan as he sounds?

Does Bonnie's info about a possible love triangle shed new light on this case?

What new information did Bonnie Duncan have for the detectives?

Is Nancy telling all she knows about Caroline and her other co-workers?

Was Caroline's co-worker Nancy her friend, her enemy, or her frenemy?

Was Matt interested in Carly as more than a co-worker?

Who did Matt say was still at Caroline's party when he left?

What insight did Gary have into the life of his longtime friend, Carly

What did Caroline's friend, neighbor and co-worker, Gary Gibson, have to say about her murder?

Did Billy really think Caroline was just OK?

How did Billy characterize Caroline's relationships with her male co-workers?

What crime did Morgan admit committing the night Caroline was killed?

What crime did Morgan Pierce admit committing the night Caroline Jordan was killed?

Was Jessica really OK with losing the full-time job to Caroline?

What insights into the interpersonal relationships at Santa's Toy Shoppe did Jessica give the detectives?

Bonnie called 911 when she saw Santa hit and run across the street from her house

Bonnie Duncan called 911 to report a hit and run incident across the street from her residence.

Danny appears far more interested in partying than in his co-workers

How did Danny describe his co-workers to the detectives?

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