Matt considers himself a ladies man who can't be tied down to one woman

Excerpt: "[Matt] enjoys the lifestyle of a Casanova, albeit with little…"

Billy has always worked hard to achieve his goals

Excerpt: "Billy was the only one home when it happened, and he felt helpless."

Jessica has always been more focused on her social life than anything else

Excerpt: "Almost in spite of herself, [Jessica] earned a…"

Danny has a lot of free time when he isn't accountable to anyone

Excerpt: "Danny comes and goes as he pleases and spends most of his spare time…"

After a traumatic childhood, Eli seems to be in a good place in his life now

Excerpt: "Eli did what he could to help out, but finding work was hard because he had no…"

Nancy had worked hard for the few things she's gotten in her life

Excerpt: "Nancy was totally devastated. Once again, her…"

Gary and Carly have been friends since they were kids

Excerpt: "Gary, by contrast, preferred…"

Morgan had a rough childhood before he was adopted

Excerpt: "After their deaths, Morgan became…"

Caroline overcame devastating loss and achieved her dream

Excerpt: "Caroline was at the family home when she got the phone call that would change her life forever."

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