Craig Pegues hired Monica Drum as a crime reporter for the Oxford Eagle in 2005 and promoted her over the years, most recently to managing editor.

bio-nicole-graysonMonica Drum called Nicole Grayson the afternoon before she was killed. They talked about Monica's most recent problems with the man she was dating.

Shawn Sharp reportedly witnessed an argument Monica Drum had the day before her murder. He also saw Ms. Drum at the 

Shawn Sharp

Eagle offices the night she was shot.

Ernie Parrish

Ernie Parrish works as a security guard at the Oxford Eagle from 11:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m., including on the night Monica Drum was murdered.

Melvin Roberts

Melvin Roberts came forward and confessed to the murder of Monica Drum. After surrendering to YCSD officers, he agreed to an interview with the detectives.

Candy Roberts

After learning her husband had confessed to killing Monica Drum, Candy Roberts came into the Sheriff's Department the next morning to talk to the detectives.

Lori Schultz

Lori Schultz was Monica Drum's lifelong friend and is the executor of her will. She spoke with detectives after finding a key hidden at Ms. Drum's residence.

Kenzie WalkerKenzie Walker went hunting with Melvin Roberts in the early morning hours of November, 25, 2012, shortly after Roberts claims he killed Monica Drum.

Rep. Edward Hagen

The detectives asked Representative Hagen to come in for an interview so they could talk to him about some of the items in Monica Drum's safe deposit box.

Frank Knight

The detectives spoke to Mr. Knight about his involvement in Rep. Edward Hagen's relationship with Monica Drum.


The detectives interviewed Frannie Grace, janitor at the Oxford Eagle, about who and what she saw when she was working the night of Monica Drum’s murder.


After Melvin Roberts confessed to killing Monica Drum, Rick Hughes contacted the detectives and agreed to come in for an interview.

frannie-grace-followupThe YCSD arranged for Frannie Grace to meet with a hypnotherapist to see if she could remember anything more about the night Monica Drum was murdered.


The detectives re-interviewed Shawn Sharp, one of the last people to see Monica Drum alive, to try to learn more about the night she was murdered.


The detectives interviewed Patricia Hagen after her husband’s arrest to see what she knew about his involvement in gambling or possibly the murder Monica Drum.


YCSD officers arrested David Ledford on a public drunkenness charge. After Ledford sobered up, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy interviewed him.

Morgan Prescott

The St. Charles Parish (LA) Sheriff's Department interviewed Morgan Prescott on behalf of the YCSD to find out more about Mr. Prescott's relationship with David Ledford.

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