monica drum

Monica Drum was born and raised in Ohio. She moved to Oxford to work for the Oxford Eagle, where she'd been the managing editor since 2009.


Craig Pegues is publisher of the Oxford Eagle, a position he's held since his father retired. Monica Drum had worked for him since 2005.

bio-nicole-graysonNicole Grayson is a local artist who has been friends with Monica Drum for several years.

Shawn Sharp

Shawn Sharp was born and raised in Athens, Georgia. He has been the sports editor at the Oxford Eagle since 2006.

Ernie Parrish

Ernie Parrish is a decorated Vietnam veteran who has been working as the Oxford Eagle's overnight security guard since 2000.

Melvin Roberts

Melvin Roberts is a Yoknapatawpha County native and was a well-liked small business owner until he was accused of rape in 2007. He was later acquitted.

Photo withheld

Jessica Shaffer was Monica Drum's goddaughter and one of the beneficiaries of her will.

Rep. Edward Hagen

The scion of a family of politicians, Edward Hagen has been serving Mississippi in the U.S. House of Representatives since 2008.

bio-rick-hughesRick Hughes joined the Oxford Eagle staff after earning a master's degree in journalism from Ole Miss.

Patricia Hagen

Patricia Hagen is a Mississippi native and former professor, who resigned her teaching job to support her husband’s political career.

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