Investigating Officer(s): Det. S. Murphy, Det. T. Armstrong
Incident No.: 000229-12A-2018
Case Description: Veronica Smith death investigation

Following the discovery of text messages that indicated someone may have been watching Veronica Smith, the Yoknapatawpha County Crime Scene Unit re-examined the Smith/O'Connor property, focusing on the exterior where someone could have observed the activities in the house.

CSU provided the following summary of evidence collected from the exterior of the Smith/O'Connor residence, along with preliminary analysis results.

Evidence Collected

Fingerprints - exterior of sliding glass door, south wall of family room

  • 000229-16: One (1) handprint, side of right hand
  • 000229-17: One (1) handprint, side of left hand
  • 000229-18 through 000229-24: Seven (7) fingerprints

Fingerprints - exterior of window, east wall of garage

  • 000229-25: One (1) handprint, full left hand

Shoeprint - below window, east wall of garage

  • 000229-26: One (1) right shoe, men's

Residue - on east wall of garage between window and ground

  • 000229-27 through 000229-28: Two (2) two samples of dried liquid

Preliminary Analysis

At the scene, CSU conducted preliminary comparisons of the prints recovered to known prints belonging to Veronica Smith, George O'Connor and Haley Smith. Further analysis is required to confirm these findings.

ItemPreliminary Finding
000229-16: One (1) handprint, side of right handUnidentified
000229-17: One (1) handprint, side of left handUnidentified
000229-18 through 000229-24: Seven (7) fingerprintsO'Connor, George (2)
Smith, Veronica (1)
Smith, Haley (3)
Unidentified (1)
000229-25: One (1) handprint, full left handUnidentified


ItemPreliminary Finding
000229-26: One (1) right shoe, men'sApproximate size: 10.5
Toe pointed west
Location A indicates the top ridge of the tread, which is irregular and may be used as an identifier when comparing the print with shoes.


ItemPreliminary Finding
000229-27 through 000229-27: Two (2) two samples of dried liquidField test positive for urine
Additional analysis pending


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