YCSD investigators canvassed Malco theater employees to try to confirm that Kenneth Lemmons was there on the night Veronica Smith died. The interviews summarized are some of the most typical or relevant to the investigation and are representative of all interviews conducted.

Name: Jason Williams
Address: 128 Thacker Loop, Oxford, MS

Mr. Williams has worked at the Malco theater in Oxford for three years selling tickets. When shown a photo of Kenneth Lemmons, Williams said he remembered Lemmons being at the theater on the night Dark Shadows opened.

Williams said Lemmons struck up a conversation with him and kept talking while Williams had a line forming. Williams said he finally had to tell Lemmons he had to take care of the other customers. Williams said he saw Lemmons go toward the popcorn counter when he left the ticket window.


Name: Josh Regan
Address: 614 Bickerstaff Lane, Oxford, MS

Mr. Regan has worked at the Malco for two years at the concessions counter. When shown a photo of Kenneth Lemmons, Regan said he remembered seeing that guy at the movies on Friday, May 11, 2012, the night Dark Shadows opened. Regan said Lemmons waited in line and was talking loud, like he didn’t care who heard him.

Regan said when Lemmons got to the head of the line, he was still talking to the person behind him. "I heard him tell the guy behind him his name was Kenneth. He repeated it. That’s why I remembered. I had to ask him to order at least three times because he was still talking to the man behind him."

Regan added, "One thing he said I thought was strange. He asked me who directed Dark Shadows. I mean, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter are in it, so it’s gotta be Tim Burton, right? That’s what I told him. And then I said I had to wait on other customers, so he left. I saw him go toward James the guy taking the tickets."


Name: James Morgan
Address: 1505 Jefferson Avenue, Oxford, MS

Mr. Morgan has worked at the Malco theater for four years collecting tickets.

Morgan said he sees a lot of people come in, but he did remember seeing the man at the popcorn counter after being shown a photo. Morgan said the man was loud and was talking to everyone that would talk to him.

Morgan said that when Lemmons came to his line, Morgan only spoke briefly with him, just long enough to tell him the number of the theater where his movie was playing.

Morgan said he didn’t remember seeing Lemmons leave after the movie, but said he never noticed anyone when they left. "Who cares who’s leaving? My job is to care who comes in, not who goes out."


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