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New Information for Detectives

Kyle Ferguson interview #2

The detectives brought Kyle in to answer some more questions.

Gene Collins interview #2

The detectives asked Alderman Collins to come in to answer some follow-up questions.

Case file note

The detectives documented a verbal delivery of information from the Crime Lab.

Christy Arnold interview #3

Christy showed up at the sheriff's department early in the morning, asking to speak to detectives.

Trace evidence examination

The Crime Lab provided preliminary findings on trace evidence collected from the crime scene.

Coroner's report

The Coroner's Office provided a preliminary autopsy report on Spenser Brooks. Additional analyses are ongoing.

Virginia Brooks interview #3

The detectives asked Virginia to come in again to follow up on some new information.

Wesley Brooks interview #2

The detectives asked Wesley to come back in to clear up a few questions.

New Information for Officers

Firearms analysis

The lab analyzed evidence collected at autopsy.

Christy Arnold interview #2

The detectives asked Christy to come back in for some more questions.

Louis Watson bio

Louis grew up in Alabama and settled in Oxford after law school.

Louis Watson interview

The detectives asked local attorney Louis Watson to come in to answer a few questions.

Updated fingerprint analysis

CSU identified more fingerprints collected in the investigation. Additional analyses are ongoing.

Jillian Ross interview #2

The detectives asked Jill to come in to answer some more questions.

Mindy Fisher bio

Mindy moved to Oxford to work as a nurse practitioner.

Mindy Fisher interview

The detectives spoke to a neighbor about Jill's whereabouts when Spenser Brooks was killed.

New Info for Detectives

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