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Employee at Local Nursing Home Found Dead

Employee at Local Nursing Home Found DeadThe Oxford Eagle reports on the unexplained death of an employee at the Yoknapatawpha Acres Nursing Home.


Nursing home manager charged

Nursing home manager charged with neglectRichard Landrigan was arrested on multiple charges at Yoknapatawpha Acres.


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Hopefully we will get some more information if/when Lillies interview takes place. On another note, I have to say that this is my first case here at and so far it is great ...
cfp - An audit is an excellent idea!
Where was Erin at Jerry's suspected time of death? Was she working? I didn't hear her state an alibi...
cfp et al - If you were a scummy low-life gambler and someone owed you money and didn't pay up, wouldn't you go after his relatives for pay-up? I wonder if Phil has been approached by Jerry'...

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