How much do you know about 1987? (hard)

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1 Long-running cartoon that debuted on The Tracy Ullman Show
2 For the first time since 1982, NFL players did this during the regular season
3 Won the World Series
4 Won Super Bowl XXI on January 25
5 Actor Tom Cruise married this actress in May (2 wds.)
6 U.S. President
7 Stock trader sentenced to 3 years in prison and fined $100 million in a plea bargain on insider trading charges (2 wds.)
8 Attorney-focused series that won the Outstanding Drama Series Emmy Award (2 wds.)
9 Flamboyant pianist who died February 3
10 Sports organization that announced it would add teams in Charlotte, Miami, Minneapolis and Orlando
1 Actress who beat out her co-star to win the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Emmy for her role in a police series (2 wds.)
2 John Larroquette won the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Emmy for his role in this legal sitcom (2 wds.)
3 Major League Baseball renamed its Rookie of the Year Award after this player, the first winner (2 wds.)
4 The Next Generation of this 1960s TV show debuted in September (2 wds.)
5 Blues guitarist/singer-songwriter who was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and donated his 7,000-record collection to Ole Miss (2 wds.)
6 Presidential candidate who quit the race after his affair with a model was exposed (2 wds.)
7 Stock markets around the world crashed on what became known as ____________ (2 wds.)
8 NCAA Football Champions: University of ____________
9 Won the Wimbledon Men's Singles Championship
10 Pop art painter and filmmaker who died February 22 (2 wds.)
11 Flight 858 on this airline exploded in mid-air after two agents of a hostile government put a bomb in the passenger compartment and got off the plane. All 115 passengers and crew were killed. (2 wds.)
12 TV network that made its prime-time debut in April with two half-hour comedies
13 Won the Stanley Cup
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