Man with dark facial hair wearing a hard hat

Russell Templeton interview

Wednesday, May 27, 2020 - 4:20 p.m.

Russell Templeton is one of the people Jack Swanson said he was with on the night Zoe Chase was killed.

Detective Armstrong interviewed him at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


Detective Armstrong: Would you state your name and address, please?

Russell Templeton: My name's Russell Templeton, and I live on Price Street.

Detective Armstrong: And where do you work?

Russell Templeton: I work out at the physical plant on campus.

Detective Armstrong: Where were you last Saturday night, May 23rd?

Russell Templeton: I was with Jack Swanson and Henry Butler. Down on the Square.

Detective Armstrong: You guys went out?

Russell Templeton: Yeah, we all met at the Beacon and got something to eat. Then we went out.

Detective Armstrong: Do you remember the places you went to?

Russell Templeton: We went to Duffy's, Proud Larry's, The Blind Pig. Just about everywhere. We spent the most time at The Roadhouse.

Detective Armstrong: You guys drinking?

Russell Templeton: Oh yeah. We all were drinking pretty hard that night.

Detective Armstrong: Did Jack ever tell you about his relationship with Zoe?

Russell Templeton: Yeah, he was always telling me about her out messing around with all these other guys. It pissed him off pretty bad.

Detective Armstrong: Really?

Russell Templeton: Wouldn't it piss you off? Your woman out tarting around with every guy in town?

Detective Armstrong: I guess it would. I had gotten the impression from some people that it wasn't that bad. That their relationship wasn't all bad.

Russell Templeton: Well, I never did like Zoe, and everyone knew it. Maybe Jack told me more of the crap cause he knew I didn't like her no way.

Detective Armstrong: Why didn't you like her?

Russell Templeton: She was just a slut and a selfish one at that. You always got the idea that she was trying to figure out how to use a person to her advantage.

Detective Armstrong: Okay, back to Saturday night, what did you guys do when the bars closed?

Russell Templeton: We went home. We dropped Jack off at his car at the Beacon, and then I took Henry to his truck, and we all went our separate ways.

Detective Armstrong: Did anyone call anyone, or did any of you talk to anyone?

Russell Templeton: Jack called Zoe right before we left The Roadhouse. He was pretty drunk, and I guess he wanted some action. Or at least a warm bed. Of course, she wasn't there, so I think he just left a message.

Detective Armstrong: What was Jack's reaction when he couldn't reach her?

Russell Templeton: He got pretty pissed off. How much of that does a man have to take?

Detective Armstrong: You're sure about that? He was angry?

Russell Templeton: I can't say for sure. We were all pretty drunk, and he was hammered for sure. It was pretty noisy, but I think I heard him getting kinda mad. Saying that he hoped she wasn't out with some guy. Maybe I just interpreted it that way. Maybe he wasn't that pissed.

Detective Armstrong: Do you know where he went after you dropped him off?

Russell Templeton: He said he was going to sleep for a while in his car, so I assume that's just what he did. He told me later that he slept for several hours and then drove home.

Detective Armstrong: I see. Thank you for stopping by. We'll be in touch if we have any more questions.

Interview ended – 4:38 p.m.