Rebaptized video


Investigating Officer(s): Det. T. Armstrong, Det. S. Murphy
Incident No.: 001985-19D-2020
Case Description: Dalton Kimbrough homicide investigation

This short video clip was found on the RAID 5 data storage array (Evidence # 001985-28) collected from Dalton Kimbrough's office/editing room at the film crew's lodge.

It is a short film called "Rebaptized."


Video transcript

The great epochs of our life are the occasions when we gain the courage to rebaptize our evil qualities as our best qualities. Nietzsche

The edge of America. I've come here for my re-education.

We are all scavengers, every one, preying here on this great, huge ball of dust and water, fire and flesh.

We're all just sad, lonesome beasts who terrorize by instinct.

So why is it that humans are the only species to outfit themselves with codes of behavior? From where comes the desire to constrict our dark passions?

The edge of America is where I make my home.