Note found at incident scene


Investigating Officer(s): Det. S. Murphy. Det. T. Armstrong
Incident No.:000229-12A-2018
Case Description: Veronica Smith death investigation

A folded piece of paper was found under a glass on a night table next to the bed where Veronica Smith's body was found. On the paper was a note, apparently written on a computer and printed on an as-yet-unidentified printer.

The paper was submitted to the Crime Lab for analysis. The contents of the note are below.

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Note transcript


I am so full of guilt over the death of Danielle Lemmons that I just can't go on anymore, acting like I'm innocent. I'm not. I'm supposed to be a professional at what I do and yet I killed her. It was me who perforated her bowel and it was caused by carelessness on my part.

I can't live with this any longer.