David Lane was born to Pete and Terry Lane on August 10, 1990. From the beginning, David was a happy child. Pete had to work a lot of overtime to make ends meet, and Terry felt blessed to have such a good baby because she took care of him alone most of the time.

Four-year-old David was thrilled when brother Daniel was born. He loved having a younger sibling to play with. As the boys grew up, David lost interest in playing "baby games" as he called Daniel's favorite activities. As soon as he learned to read, David always had a book with him anywhere he went: in the car, at the store with his mother, at his brother's soccer games, at the dinner table until his parents made him put it away. He loved reading more than anything else.

David couldn't get enough of the way reading allowed him to escape reality and his little brother and instead become someone he was not and visit places he had never been. When the other kids were running around playing tag and other games, David could be found sitting in a grassy area, reading a book.

In his teens, David wasn't interested in extracurricular activities, and social groups weren't stimulating enough for his imagination. He was shy around girls and didn't date much because he always got tongue-tied around girls he liked. Instead, he just admired them from afar and went back to his book.

David had jobs like most teenagers have but was never satisfied with them until he got a job at the local library after he graduated. With his passion for books, he was thrilled to be immersed in something he loved every day. Having an endless supply of books at hand was almost better than getting paid, though he never said so to his boss.

At night, David took college classes and eventually earned a masters of library science. At the same time, he worked his way up at the library and is now a supervisor.

While his brother, Daniel, now lives in New Orleans where he works as an accountant and is engaged to be married, David still lives at home with his parents, though he says it's just until he finds the right apartment.