Holly Puskus was born on October 9, 1988, to Jocelyn and Alexander Puskus. Jocelyn had been a model when she was younger and did not take well to motherhood. When Holly was eight, Jocelyn ran off with Romero, the gardener, and has rarely spoken to her daughter since.

Overwhelmed, Alexander sent Holly to live with his parents and threw himself into his work. Holly's grandparents doted on her and gave her everything a young girl could ask for — everything except for the love of her parents.

Since her father was a football coach, Holly went into cheerleading to give them something in common. It worked well at first, and Holly's dad came to see the games where she was cheering, and after each game, the two of them would discuss what happened on the field over burgers. But the plan backfired when Holly was injured during her junior year, and he stopped coming to visit at all.

After graduating second in her class, Holly decided to follow in her father's footsteps and become a coach in her own right. Holly's drive and commitment eventually landed her the position of cheerleading coach at Yoknapatawpha High School.

Once she'd established herself as an award-winning coach with her team excelling in statewide competitions, Holly felt she was ready for a bigger challenge, and she began looking for coaching opportunities at the college level.

Holly formed a winning team around Katy, a natural cheerleader, and set her sights on blowing past the competition and moving on up.

Holly is single and lives alone in a small house in Oxford. She devotes so much time to her work that she rarely has any time left for dates, and she has never had a long-term relationship.