The Tupelo PD provided a copy of a 2015 incident report involving Oscar Knight

The Tupelo Police Department provided this copy of a 2015 incident report involving Oscar Knight.

The Crime Beat wonders what investigators really think happened to Oscar Knight

The Crime Beat reports: The YCSD names the owner of the Rebel Inn severed thumb.

Caleb Hamilton works at Lamar Park

Caleb Hamilton works for the City of Oxford Buildings & Grounds Department maintaining Lamar Park.

Caleb Hamilton works at Lamar Park

Caleb Hamilton maintains the grounds at Lamar Park, where human body parts were found recently.

Elliott Owens is a local IT expert

Elliott Owens is an IT consultant who has multiple clients in the Yoknapatawpha County area.

Elliott Owens came forward with information about Oscar Knight

Elliott Owens contacted detectives about his recent encounter with Oscar Knight.

More human remains were found in Lamar Park

Emergency Services received a 911 call reporting the discovery of more possible body parts in Lamar Park.

With more human remains found in Lamar Park, should Oxonians fear for their safety?

The Crime Beat reports: With more human remains found at Lamar Park, should locals worry?

Kyle Parker is a personal trainer with a questionable reputation

Kyle has a colorful history but has never been implicated in any violence.

Kyle Parker found a 2nd bag of body parts at Lamar Park

Kyle Parker found a bag of human body parts while he was walking a dog at Lamar Park.

Places of interest in the severed body parts investigation

Investigators created a map of locations relevant to the Rebel Inn/Lamar Park investigation.

The detectives asked Gavin Price to explain his prior relationship with Oscar Knight

The detectives followed up on new information about Gavin Price's relationship with Oscar Knight.


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