Joey Beecher lives in Oxford with his wife, Stacy

Joey Beecher bio

Joey Beecher was born on March 16, 1973, to Frank and Ethel Beecher. His parents were too busy to offer much in the way of emotional support or encouragement. Frank worked two jobs to feed, clothe, and house the family, and Ethel was overextended as a homemaker even before she began working part-time as a maid.

The youngest of five boys, Joey quickly learned to rely on his fists to protect himself and his meager possessions from the many hands of his older brothers.

After high school, Joey worked a series of menial jobs, always leaving just because. He mostly stayed out of trouble, and employers said he was a good worker who did what needed to be done.

While a mechanic's helper at an auto body shop, Joey met and dated Stacy McCracken, a waitress at a nearby diner. Three months later, they eloped and moved into Joey's small apartment.

After a long succession of jobs, Joey became the general handyman for the Fontaine family. He told friends the working conditions were good and he genuinely respected Philip Fontaine for what he'd accomplished with his life.

According to some sources, Joey also provided extra-legal services to Mr. Fontaine in support of his employer's development business. Joey is thought to be responsible for several small fires, industrial accidents, and vandalism intended to sway public support for or against a project. However, he has never been arrested or charged with a crime.

While working for the Fontaines, Joey was known to intercede — at Philip or his wife Ashley's behest — to get Philip's youngest son Grant out of difficult situations, despite Joey's personal disgust with Grant.

Regardless of his feelings about Grant, Joey always kept a lookout for Grant's associates who might break into the Fontaine place or sell drugs to Grant. Joey reportedly ran those people off the property, and then anonymously called the police to have them arrested.

Joey got along well with the Fontaines' housekeeper, Raquel Santos, but had several confrontations with Raquel's live-in boyfriend Benito Flores, who Joey had hired to help him around the Fontaine property. Joey ended up having to fire Benito in less than a month when he caught Benito selling drugs to Grant on multiple occasions.

Joey lost his job with the Fontaines when Philip Fontaine was killed. Since then, he's gone back to drifting from job to job, often quitting without notice because, as he tells friends, none of those jobs were as good as the one he had with the Fontaines.

Neighbors report that the Beechers stay mostly to themselves and never cause any problems. "If they fight, they do so privately," said one neighbor.

But friends of the couple say the marriage has been strained for at least the last 18 months. They claim Stacy has made it clear to Joey that the reduction in his income is not okay with her, and she strongly encourages him on a daily basis to find a better-paying job.

Stacy's discontent has caused Joey to become more jealous in recent months. She frequently goes out on the town without him, and according to his friend, Miguel Ochoa, Joey has been known to hunt her down on those nights and confront any man he sees her talking to.