Stacy Beecher is a waitress and painter

Stacy McCracken was born to Ruthie and Chester McCracken on July 1, 1972, in Knoxville, Tennessee. The Chester family was a proud, middle-class family. Ruthie was a children's librarian in Knoxville, and Chester was an accountant.

Ruthie made most of her children's clothing herself. Donations from church bazaars and town swap meets made up the difference between what they needed and what they could afford. As the youngest, Stacy constantly received ragged and forlorn hand-me-downs that she was never satisfied with.

All the McCracken children were obedient except for Stacy. She was a free spirit, restless and always longing for the good life. She was supremely self-confident and wouldn't listen to her parents or to anybody else. She wanted to climb the social ladder, to have money and "be somebody."

After high school, she won a Knoxville Artist's Community scholarship to attend a painter's summer class. As far as she was concerned, it her ticket into a world where she could have the finery she desired. From her high school graduation in 1990, Stacy painted and sold her paintings, also working as a waitress to make enough money to pay the bills.

While Stacy was painting outside one morning, Joey Beecher approached her. He said nothing she painted could be as beautiful as she was and asked her to dinner. Although Joey was just a mechanic's helper at an auto body shop, Stacy thought he had great potential, and her free spirit side took over. Three months after they met, Stacy and Joey eloped and spent their honeymoon night on a Mississippi steamboat.

When Joey found work with Philip Fontaine and Stacy saw the Fontaine mansion for the first time, she thought her dreams of joining the upper class were closer than ever to becoming realized. But the longer Joey worked for Philip Fontaine, the more Stacy resented his long hours and lack of overtime pay, not to mention that the Fontaines left Joey little time to spend with her.

Despite her growing discontent, Stacy was determined to stick it out with Joey. But she always kept an eye out for some other way to improve her position in society.

The marriage bumped along until Joey lost his job when Philip Fontaine died. Since then, Joey has only worked sporadically and never found anything that paid as well as his Fontaine job had.

Stacy has become increasingly restless since Joey's been out of work, and acquaintances who know her from the local bars and restaurants where she often spends time think she may be reconsidering her commitment to her marriage.