Bart Daniels, victim's father



With a not-small amount of effort, the detectives were able to arrange to talk to Bart Daniels to discuss recent developments in the investigation.

Bonnie Daniels, victim's mother



In conjunction with re-interviewing her husband, the detectives also persuaded Bonnie Daniels to talk to them about recent discoveries.

Simon DeVille, a witness near Coles Point


The detectives located a witness who saw something in Coles Point in the pre-dawn hours on March 30, 2014.

Canvass of the Coles Point neighborhoodYCSD investigators canvassed the neighborhood around Bobby Wannamaker's Coles Point home.

Forrest Burgess dated Laurie Daniels



The detectives talked to Laurie Daniels's former fiancé regarding a recent incident as well as matters related to the homicide.

Bobby Wannamaker, landlord and music impressario


The detectives asked Forrest Burgess' former landlord to come in for an interview when they found out he was in town.

Reggie Simms knew both Laurie and Melanie Daniels


The detectives located Melanie Daniels' alleged boyfriend at the time she was last seen and traveled to talk to him.

Carla Brogan, Melanie Daniels' best friend


The detectives located Melanie Daniels' former best friend to find out more about Melanie, Laurie and their lives when Carla knew them.

Canvass of Daniels friends and associatesYCSD investigators talked to friends and associates of the Daniels family to learn more about the family members.

Roy Strong was staying with his brother in Taylor around the time Laurie Daniels disappeared


The detectives talked to Roy Strong about his visit to Taylor and his brother, JC.

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