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Jackson Laboratory
Jackson, MS 39205
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Analysis: Trace Evidence Analysis; Latent Print Examination; Toxicology Analysis; Questioned Document Analysis

Case #: 001316-26D-2014

Case Description: Laurie Daniels homicide investigation

Investigative Agency: Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department

Investigating Officer(s): Det. S. Murphy, Det. T. Armstrong


Summary of Preliminary Evidence Analysis

Trace Evidence

  • A mixture of red, white and blue cotton fibers were recovered from the bark (Ev # 001316-24 through 001316-28) collected at vandalism crime scene in Taylor, MS.
  • Traces of sawdust were discovered imbedded within the ball of wax (Ev # 001316-04).
  • Eleven (11) strands of dark brown human hair, approximately 22 inches long, were discovered inside the ball of wax (Ev # 001316-04).
  • The wooden crate (Ev # 001316-05) recovered from the vandalism crime scene in Taylor, MS:
    • The crate was made of pine.
    • The crate was partially burned and was tied with an ordinary rope, which was also incompletely burned.
    • No writing was seen on the crate.
    • Found inside the crate was one partially burned 49-cent postage stamp.


  • No usable fingerprints were recovered on any surfaces submitted to the crime lab.


  • Chemical analysis of the content of the bucket (Ev # 001316-90) showed the presence of trichloro-s-triazinetrione, the major ingredient in Pool Free, a chlorine product for pools available at a variety of retail locations including the Walmart at 2530 Jackson Avenue West in Oxford.
  • Analysis of the wax comprising the wax ball (Ev # 001316-04) found at the vandalism scene in Taylor, MS, showed that it was composed of ordinary paraffin available at any craft or hobby store.

Forensic Document Examination

  • Analysis of the note extracted from the wax ball (Ev # 001316-04) revealed that both the pen and paper used were common, easily available items.
  • No fingerprints were found on the note.


  • No DNA was recovered from the rum bottles (Ev # 001316-01 through 001316-02) collected at vandalism crime scene in Taylor, MS.
  • Cuts on the chicken (Ev # 001316-03) recovered from the vandalism scene in Taylor, MS, were made with a smooth blade.
  • The injuries to the chicken (Ev # 001316-03) were postmortem.
  • Blood collected at the vandalism scene (Ev #001316-11 through 001316-23) were found to be non-human.
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