victim-dead-bioKimberly Pace was found dead in her home on September 25, 2011. The Ole Miss professor was beloved by her family, friends and most students and colleagues.

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  kirsty-lea denovan — I think that in this case we should go back to the beginning......
  Rachel Johnson — If Kimberly Price was born in 1976, how did she graduate fro......

 wheels-largerBecky Pace was Kimberly's younger sister and was one of the people who found her body.

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  renee — John David was found dead of an overdose of heroin. Becky ne......
  coralie blue — Death of Becky's ex-boyfriend? He was dead, because of an ov......

bio-jeremygladwell-400Jeremy Gladwell lived across the street from Kimberly Pace and was one of the people who found her body.

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  renee — Damn good thesis, never thought of that, also tda when a dog......
  TDA — If Jeremy's such an expert on these dogs and a close friend ......

bio-cherylwestonCheryl Weston, who was Kimberly's close friend and former employer, was also one of the people who found her body.

bio-arthur-400Arthur Beck and his wife Frances retired to Oxford in 2007 and moved next door to Kimberly Pace. Since his wife's death, Arthur spends most of his time alone, tending his garden.

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  TDA — On the other hand: He has military experience, probably kill......
  TDA — Because Kimberly couldn't care less about her deceased neigh......

Paul EvansBorn in Michigan, Paul Evans has lived in the Oxford area since he was 13. Until a few weeks before the murder, he lived with his girlfriend, Kimberly Pace.

bio-patrickrichards-200Patrick Richards was credited as the author of the Daily Mississippian column alleging teachers could be bribed to get better grades.

bio-lawence-bricker-400Laurence Bricker was Kimberly Pace's colleague in the English Department. It is well-known that he and the victim did not get along.

bio-carter-nichols-400Carter Nichols was one of Kimberly Pace's students. Some people believe Nichols was behind the letter to the DM editor allegedly written by Patrick Richards.

bio-miguelochoa300Miguel Ochoa was a friend of the victim and her boyfriend Paul Evans, who is currently staying with Ochoa.

Tammy FreemanTammy Freeman has been dating Paul Evans' friend Miguel Ochoa since July.

bio-codymatthewsCody Matthews grew up in a small town and found the comparatively large Ole Miss and Oxford communities somewhat overwhelming when he first arrived.

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