Friday, May 5, 2017

Another suspect arrested in Miller homicide

Alleged killer is parent of one of the victim's students

A new suspect has been arrested for killing Frederick Miller

This afternoon, Stephanie Bragg, 48, was arrested in the slaying of local high school teacher Frederick Miller. She was taken into custody at the sheriff's department where she had been speaking with detectives.

Ms. Bragg, the mother of a YHS student, is facing first-degree murder charges the sheriff's department spokeswoman Elizabeth Jones said in a statement. Ms. Jones would not comment on any potential motive and declined to say whether Ms. Bragg had confessed.

Frederick Miller was a biology teacher and the assistant archery coach at Yoknapatawpha High School. On the evening of Thursday, April 20th, he was shot with an arrow while leaving his weekly choir practice at the Faith and Glory Community Church.

Langston Brown, the principal at Yoknapatawpha High School, expressed shock and disbelief at the news of Ms. Bragg’s arrest.

“Mrs. Bragg has been a dedicated classroom volunteer and a valuable member of the school community. I can’t believe that she would do something like this,” he said.

Mr. Brown did confirm that Ms. Bragg has a child who attends YHS and was a student of Mr. Miller’s, but he would not give the student’s name due to privacy concerns.

Ms. Bragg's is the second arrest in the case after 17-year-old Marc Huddleston, who was also romantically involved with the victim’s daughter, was detained on suspicion of murder. He was released from custody last Friday, fueling further speculation.

In response to Mr. Huddleston's release, Concerned Oxford Parents offered a reward for information, which prompted dozens of calls to the YCSD tip line, Ms. Jones said.

"Our investigators vetted every tip that came in," Ms. Jones told reporters. "We appreciate the community's willingness to come forward and help us bring a killer to justice."

Jones would not say whether a tip led to Stephanie Bragg's arrest or whether anyone might receive the reward.

The sheriff’s department wasn’t the only one receiving tips. Shortly after The Oxford Weekly Planet published its article about Huddleston’s release, our office got an anonymous phone call from someone claiming that the sheriff’s department had "made a big mistake releasing Marc Huddleston." The caller then hung up and hasn’t been heard from since.

Stephanie Bragg is being held at the Yoknapatawpha County Detention Center. She is scheduled to be arraigned on July 14th.

By Kemper Jones at 4:10 PM

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