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New Information for Detectives

Blake Stillwater interview

The detectives finally got a chance to sit down with Mr. Stillwater.

Blake Stillwater bio

Blake is an accomplished attorney and author.

John Holloway interview

Detective Armstrong spoke with the victim's ex-husband by telephone.

Dan Courrier interview

Detective Armstrong talked to one of the victim's regular email correspondents.

Reaching out, acting out, and going out

The Face in the Mirror has a few tidbits and a smidge of scoop

Mary Lee Jackson interview

Detective Murphy sat down with the Stillwaters' maid.

Philip Stillwater interview

Blake's son agreed to meet with a detective on the university campus.

Philip Stillwater bio

With his father away so much, Philip became very close with his mother.

New Information for Officers

Jenny Sadlier interview

Detective Murphy spoke by phone with the victim's former roommate in Seattle.

Jenny Sadlier bio

Jenny was Wendy's friend, roommate, and co-worker.

Victim's email

Investigators obtained the victim's email from the days surrounding her death.

Cell phone records

Investigators obtained call records for the victim's cell phone from the days surrounding her death.

Peter Pane interview

Detective Armstrong finally caught up with the victim's brother.

Peter Pane bio

Peter is the victim's brother and lives in nearby Memphis.

Status report

This report summarizing investigative activities on April 21–26, 2022, was added to the case file.

Canvass – Proud Larry's employees

Did the Proud Larry's staff see the victim at their establishment the night she died?



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