We're starting to understand more about about the people involved in the double homicide at the Pruitt residence.

Victim #1 was Robert Pruitt, a well-known local defense attorney who had a big trial due to start just after he was killed. He also had a wife, a law partner, a secretary and more than one angry ex-client.

Is all of that just interesting information or is the reason he's dead in there somewhere? Maybe we'll learn more when we talk to Pruitt's ex-wife.

We've only begun to scratch the surface of Victim #2. We've got a name and a background for the stranger but still no explanation for his presence in that basement.

  • Did someone want Robert Pruitt out of the picture?
  • Can the people in the stranger's life shed light what he was doing there?
  • Who had a motive to want one or both of these people dead?

We need your help to unravel this mystery.

Examine the evidence, and share your theories in the Forums.

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