We selected several winners in the whodunit contest.There were two ways to win. You could select the killers name from a list or create a theory of the the case. We gave the best prizes to those that created theories.

The viewers who wrote a short  theory correctly selecting the killer, Virginia Brooks, wife of victim Spenser Brooks, win a $60 gift certificate to purchase luminol, fingerprint powder, t-shirts or their choice of other items from our online store.

  • EyeSpy
  • Penny Terry
  • Daniel Scott

The viewers who did not write a theory, but correctly selected the killer, Virginia Brooks, wife of victim Spenser Brooks, win a $20 gift certificate to purchase luminol, fingerprint powder, t-shirts or their choice of other items from our online store.

  • Adrianna Potts
  • Rebecca Chunn
  • Adrianna Potts

We also selected several theories that failed to identify the killer but created an interesting alternate theory of the case.  These viewers win win a $35 gift certificate to purchase luminol, fingerprint powder, t-shirts or their choice of other items from our online store.

  • Quentin White
  • austin lewis
  • Kenneth Rinderhagen
  • Diego Naranjo
  • Cindy
  • Phil Langford
  • Robert

The entries are below, in no particular order. Thanks to all who entered.



Quentin White

Mindy Fisher, neighbor of Jill Ross

Mindy Fisher is an extremely jealous woman. She was deeply in love with Jillian Ross and just knew if Spenser was out of the way she could win her over "to her side". The story seen from Mindy Fisher's eyes and in her own words. Jillian Ross is a beautiful woman, she wears those suits like no one else. I will have her but first I must remove an obstacle, Spenser Brooks. I have done my homework and I knew he was messing around with that blond clerk from their office. If Jill could just get her dream job she could relax a little and make room for a significant other, me! When I was out for my jog Christmas Day I recieved a present of my own. I always looked in the dumpsters for anything that might be useable, this lucky day I found the gun,it was wrapped in a pretty pink towel and I knew it was a sign, Mother Earth had left me a gift and in turn, a new life. I planned it well, he always slipped away on Sunday afternoons for an hour or two, I knew if I would park down the road and wait he would eventually leave. I waited...patiently. FINALLY, on January 30 my opportunity arrived. He was off and he seemed to be "a man on a mission", he never even looked to see if he was being followed or anything. I was a little shocked when we ended up at the park, I was afraid he may be going to some event where lots of people would be and I wouldn't get my chance. I followed him closely, parked right beside him and then when he was almost getting to close to the cabins I said his name. He turned to look at me and he saw the gun. The look in his eyes was amazing. Big Bad DA was afraid. He said "who are you". Being a fan of action movies I replied, "I am your biggest nightmare!" He then regained his composure and told me he was going to call the cops. He took off his glove, reached inside his pocket and got his cell phone, when he opened it I pulled the trigger. He fell like a ton of bricks. I had brought down the mighty Spenser Brooks and now I would have the life *I* had always dreamed of. I would make Jill the happiest woman on earth and no one would EVER suspect me. AS I walked back to my car I wiped that gun vigorously and just tossed it aside like it was a n extension of Brooks. I arrived home and baked a cake, tonight I would celebrate with Jill...or a least take her over a piece. I am a patient woman.



austin lewis

Christine Arnold, a clerk at the court

I think christine found out that Mr.Brooks was not going to leave his wife. Since she always spends her free time with Mr. Brooks in his office she could easily grab a gun he hid in the office. His wife wouldn't allow him to keep a gun in their house so he hid it in his office. they then went to the park at their usual cabin number 11.I think they arrived at 12:00. She killed him between the time of 12:01 and 12:04. she then put large amounts of methadome on the carpet in the cabin to try to put the blame on kyle. The tire track that was found on the way to the cabin may be Mr.Brooks from when they got there. After leaving the methadome on the carpet she left. The reason one of Mr.Brooks's gloves weren't on was because she used his glove so there wouldn't be any fingerprints on the gun. The hat may have came off when he was shot and fell. the reason I suspect her is because Mr.Brooks wouldn't go to the cabin by himself and the only person who goes to that cabin with hime is Christine Arnold



Kenneth Rinderhagen

Wesley Brooks, son of victim

My investigation as lead me to believe that the Wesley the son of the victim had committed the murder, while following his father he had witnessed that he was in an affair with Christy Arnold, becoming deranged from his normal prospects had pointed the snub nosed revolver at the his father and fired eth weapon, from being scared of the event dropped the weapon and returned to his vehicle parked the rangers station. I also have suspicions that the Wife Virginia may have committed the act though I was unable to reach any evidence that the wife was near the park the day of the murder, form my research Wesley’s vehicle would most likely be the source of the tire marks.




Virginia Brooks, wife of victim Spenser Brooks

Spencer Brooks Murder Report Date of Death: January 30, 2011 Spencer Brooks was murdered by his wife Virginia Brooks. Motive: Virginia knew about her husbands infidelities. And she said she thought about discussing it with her husband but decided it wasn’t all that important. She said it hurt her but didn’t think it was worth the upheaval it would cause and I certainly didn’t want Wesley to know. I think she was hurt and felt she couldn’t talk to her husband and the only way to end the pain, his infidelities, and to protect Wesley was to murder her husband. When you read her statements you can see that she knows more about her husband business that she is admitting too. When asked that your husband had been inside Cabin 11 at the park? She replied, What do you mean? No way. I would have known that. Evidence: Virginia ‘s been to the Wall Doxey Park and was familiar with the land. Virginia admits that she didn’t own a gun but her husband did. So she had access to a gun. Virginia owns a Jeep Grand Cherokee. A 2005 Cherokee is a SUV/Crossover/light truck. The most compelling evidence was Virginia’s one (1) 4 inch hair recovered from Cabin 11 on 1/31/2011. EYESPY



Diego Naranjo

Christine Arnold, a clerk at the court , Wesley Brooks, son of victim

Scenario ONE: Wesley had caught his dad with Christine Arnold before; he knew his dad was having an affair. So as he said, he followed Mr. Brooks to Wall Doxey Park. Wesley parked his car at the Ranger Station and walked over to the place where he saw his dads’ car parked at. He found his dad, maybe with Christine or by himself. Either way Wesley confronted his dad. Wesley asked about his dads’ affair. The DA who was surprised of seeing his son there couldn’t come up with a good explanation for being at the park, not wanting to tell his son he was actually seeing another woman. Wesley kept asking about his dads’ affair; Spenser said he didn’t have one. So Wesley, who had taken a gun with, him pulls it out and threatens his dad’s life with it. Spenser is determined to get a confession out of his dad, he yells at him and Spenser yells back. In rage Wesley pulls the trigger, killing his dad immediately. His dad was a DA so he had heard about covering evidence. He cleans all prints out of the gun and throws it somewhere in the bushes, hoping it won’t be found. Quickly he runs for his car and leaves the scene, taking with him mud from the ground on his boots. Motive: Wesley couldn’t watch his dad dating other woman anymore. He wanted to protect his mother. ----------- Scenario TWO: On that Sunday morning, Spenser was to meet Christine out at Wall Doxey Park, as planned. When he got there, she was already waiting for him. She wanted to get down to “business” as usual. But he didn’t seem interested. Brooks discovered that both, Virginia and Wesley, knew about his affair. So he had decided to put an end to it, in order to keep his family together. And that was the purpose of his meeting with Christine. She asked if there was anything wrong, and Spenser told her that his family knew about their relationship and that they better end it now before he looses his family, hoping she would take it right, and understand his position and responsibilities, but she didn’t. Christine refused to end their affair, arguing they were doing well and that he would be better off with her. He insisted. She lost it, and pulled a gun out of her purse, which she carried with her since Kyle Ferguson got out of prison thinking one day she would have to save the DAs’ life. Spenser had had enough and walked out of cabin 11, leaving Christine inside yelling at him. Once he was out, she walked up to the door. Yelled his name out. He turned around and she put a bullet through his head, killing him instantly. She then cleaned her prints off the gun and got rid of it. She left the scene after that. A few minutes later, Wesley arrived and saw his lifeless dads’ body on the ground; he panicked and ran back to his car. Motive: Christine Arnold felt like she had left everything behind for Spenser Brooks, and this was like a backstab for her. She couldn’t take being rejected. ------------ Conclusion: I think either Wesley or Christine did it because they both had the chance and a reason to. I ruled out Jillian Ross, Kyle Ferguson, Byron Brooks and Louise Watson because this murder showed no signs of extreme violence. Like someone who hated the victim would’ve committed.




Christine Arnold, a clerk at the court

I think Spencer Brooke had a relationship with Christine Arnold since there was foul play. It was not a robbery since everything he had was still on him. I think Jill Ross had a motive to kill him she was after his job But,Christine does not have a alibi or witness to corroborate her story of bieng in bed. Spencer did not have a paper or any recording device that corroborate Christine's story. When he realised that his son knew about the affair and was coming to check on him at the cabin he decided his going to end the relationship He then called Christine to tell her he can't see her anymore and he thinks that he's son knew about the affair and he's afraid he's wife will find out She was so upset coming from a party she was drunk and tired,he told her to meet him in the park where they used to meet. She was so hung over and tired grab the gun she had for protection that,was not licenced. When she joined him at the cabin so told,him that she did so much for him and now is going to leave her and she can't let that it happen. According to her,if she can't have him nobody can.He told her to go he does not want,to make it any harder than it already is. I think she wanted to have her way with him,he saw she was drunk,fight her off she got angry got the gun out and shot him. At that,time she was shaking can't believe what she just had done,while running away she threw the gun away. Went,to bed before her friend comes home.I don't think Jill had anything to do with the murder. She made not have liked him,and wanted his job but,she would have had to much to loose and she worked hard at what she had.



Phil Langford

Wesley Brooks, son of victim

The gun was procured by the son at the poker game (probably put up by Hector or the park ranger). Wesley did not know it had been used in a previous crime. One day while Wesley was trying to score drugs from the park ranger, Spenser (who was following his son to the park not the other way around) confronts Wesley. The park ranger flees the scene immediately and for a while the son and father argue about who is more evil - and affair-having father or a drug-using son. The argument heats up and eventually Wesley pulls the gun and tells his father to get on his knees and beg for his life. The father gets on his knees but refuses to beg so Wesley shoots him and immediately flees the scene (possibly takes the keys from his dad's corpse and drives away in Spenser's car). He tosses the gun in the bush on his way out of the park. The mother had no knowledge of this crime and that was why she was relatively even-keeled with the police (that, and the fact that the affair was old news to her) and wasn't trying to cover up for Wesley to protect him. Spencer's replacement on the job (Jillian) was a happy beneficiary career-wise, but had nothing to do with the crime itself - she was trying to get him fired by finding fault with his case work. Christine wanted Spenser all to herself, but shooting him would be the opposite of her wishes (even the "If I can't have him, nobody can" argument seems weak since she doesn't stand to gain in any way from his death). The methadone was from the son who was trying to get off the drugs, but he chucked it all at the poker game and went back to his drug-using ways. So when he confronted his father, he was under the influence (of drugs). He didn't share his crime with his mother for fear of driving his only last real relationship away from him. There is an outside possibility that Kyle Ferguson paid Wesley to kill his father for him which would have further fueled Wesley's drug-reinforced rage at his father. This was not a premeditated crime - it was a crime of opportunity.




Jillian J. Ross, Senior Assistant District Attorney , Kyle Ferguson, ex-convict, Louis Watson , and Roy Cook

I think Roy Cook Killed him and it was set up by jillian ross and louis watson. they had much to gain if he was out the way so they plotted out and got in touch with kyle ferguson who might have been tipping him off about drug dealer roy cook. he tried to catch him first hand but roy killed him..



Penny Terry

Virginia Brooks, wife of victim Spenser Brooks

My theory is Virginia knew about the affair and waited till Spenser left and followed him. Watched where he went and followed was able to go threw the gates without being seen, cause Roy was selling drugs to Wesley, so the gate wasn't being monitored. Virginia parked down by the water away from view, went by foot to where she seen Spenser park his car.Virginia seen Spenser on the phone, he was probably calling Christy either before he was able to talk to Christy or had finished the call, Virginia said his name and as soon as he turned around she shot him than took off to the jeep and threw the gun and took off. Wesley walked upon his fathers body while he was coming from buying drugs from Roy. Possibly seen his mom's jeep,and didn't want her to get caught so he just left not calling the police or anything.



Daniel Scott

Virginia Brooks, wife of victim Spenser Brooks and Louis Watson

Virginia has had enough of spensers womanising,especially after hearing about his recent affair with Christine Arnold from Louis Watson who is also had enough but is more jealous of the how spenser charms his way with the ladies which leaves louis out the spotlight.so they start by giving spenser info believing it to be a lead on Alderman Collins,setting up a meeting with a fictional informant at the cabin,as apenser left virginia also met louis at the liquor store then made their way to doxey park,at gunpoint spenser was forced to call christine as she may also have been an intended victim,but then they decided to incriminate Christine for spenser`s murder.







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