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New Information for Detectives

The detectives questioned Selena about her relationship with Roger, her alibi, and more

Selena Crosscroft interview

September 28, 2016
The detectives spoke to Roger Hammond's girlfriend about her whereabouts the afternoon of January 26th and other relevant questions. Detectives Read More
Selena's personal history has made her a strong advocate for fathers' rights

Selena Crosscroft bio

September 28, 2016
DOB: 8/11/76 Occupation: Social worker, NMRC Hometown: Memphis, TN Relationship to case: Victim's ex-husband's girlfriendExcerpt: "[Selena] constantly reviewed divorce law and custody statutes, looking for something that would give [Roger]…" Detectives Read More
Chuck was babysitting with Brenda Marsh across the street from the victim's residence on January 26th

Chuck Ward interview

September 27, 2016
The detectives spoke to Brenda Marsh's friend who was with her the afternoon of January 26th. Detectives Read More
This Airborne Express employee delivered a package to one of the victim's neighbors the afternoon of January 26th

Janet Hipps interview

September 27, 2016
The detectives tracked down the delivery driver seen in the victim's neighborhood on the afternoon of January 26th. Detectives Read More
Investigators spoke to Roger's co-workers about his whereabouts on January 26th

Farrell Motors employee canvass

September 27, 2016
Investigators spoke to Farrell Motors employees to try to corroborate Roger Hammond's alibi. Detectives Read More
Thomas Hammond gave deputies permission to collect evidence from the service center

Search – Farrell Motors

September 27, 2016
Thomas Hammond gave investigators permission to collect evidence from the Farrell Motors service center. Detectives Read More



New Information for Officers

Just what could Kevin Travers see of Missy's place from his house?

Travers' view of Hammond residence

September 23, 2016 Evidence
Investigators prepared a diagram of the relative locations of the Hammond and Travers residences. Read More
The victim gave her neighbor a letter to open if something happened to her

Missy's letter to Kevin Travers

September 23, 2016 Evidence
Weeks before she died, Missy gave Kevin a letter to open if something happened to her. Read More
Kevin remembered a letter Missy had given him before she died

Kevin Travers interview #2

September 23, 2016 Interviews
Kevin Travers notified the detectives that he had some additional information to share with them. Read More
The coroner produced a preliminary report on Missy Hammond's autopsy

Coroner's report

September 22, 2016 Evidence
Preliminary report from the Yoknapatawpha County Coroner's Office on the autopsy of Melissa Hammond. Additional analyses are ongoing. Read More
The victim's daughter drew pictures of her family

Liddie Hammond drawings

September 22, 2016 Evidence
In happier times, the victim's daughter drew a picture of her family. Read More
The detectives tried to get Liddie to open up about what she witnessed around her mother's murder

Liddie Hammond interview

September 22, 2016 Interviews
The detectives spoke with the victim's seven-year-old daughter about what she saw and heard the night her mother was killed. Read More

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