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Incident Report



Investigating Officer: Officer Steve Harding
Incident No.: 004516-08L-2000
Date: 12/8/00, 2:15 p.m.
Incident Address: United Way of Oxford, 440 North Lamar #5, Oxford, MS
Incident: Discovery of coat with possible bloodstains
Complainant's Name: Gayle Harding
Complainant's Age: 28
Complainant's Address: 112 S 18th. Oxford, MS
Suspects: N/A
All detailed reports on file


At 2:15 p.m., Unit # 224 (Officer Steve Harding) was flagged down by the complainant, Gayle Harding. The complainant stated she had found a woman's coat with possible bloodstains on the interior. Unit #224 notified Dispatch of his location and proceeded to investigate the report.


Responding Officer (R/O) was admitted to the United Way office by an adult female, Gayle Harding, the complainant. Harding stated, in summary and not verbatim, that she was sorting through the donated clothing items and noticed dark stains on the inside lining of a woman's brown, cloth coat, size L. Harding then examined the stains more closely to determine the possibility of removal and realized the stains could be blood. Harding stated she knew R/O would be passing by soon thereafter as part of his regular patrol and she decided to report her finding, "just in case."

R/O inquired whether Harding knew who the donor of the coat had been. Harding checked the records and reported it had been part of a larger clothing donation received from St. John's Catholic Church in Oxford.

R/O took the coat and a copy of the donation record into evidence. Upon return to the Sheriff's Office, R/O submitted the evidence to Forensics officer B. D. Vincent.

REPORT FILED 12/8/00, 4:35 P.M.
//Steve Harding, Yoknapatawpha Sheriff's Officer

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