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Evidence: Messages on Zoe Chase's Answering Machine and Voice Mail
Investigating Officer(s): Det. S. Murphy, Det. T. Armstrong
Case No: 003933-15J-2000
Case Description: Zoe Chase Homicide

Telephone messages left on the answering machine at Zoe Chase's residence and on Zoe Chase's cellular phone's voice mail have been transcribed below in the order in which they were left. Hang-up calls have not been transcribed.

Residence Telephone, 662-232-XXXX

Message received at 16:13

    "Hi, Zoe. It's Kathy. Sorry I didn't have a chance to return your call from yesterday and I wasn't here to talk to you earlier today, but you know how crazy things can get in this business. Don't worry so much about this contract thing. It's all going to work out fine. These negotiations always take time and I really believe we're on track to ink the deal next week. I don't foresee any problems that would be deal-breakers. Years from now, after you've published several best-sellers, you're going to look back on how stressed you were about this and laugh. I promise. Now just relax, maybe spend a little time with that boy toy of yours this weekend, and don't give the contract another thought. This time next week, it'll be a done deal. I'll talk to you later. Bye."

Message received at 18:17

    "Hello, sweetheart. It's your mother. I'm sorry we missed your call earlier. We were out running a few errands. We'll be home tonight if you want to call us back, or we can just talk you later when you have time. Goodbye, honey. We love you."


Cellular Phone, 662-234-XXXX

Message received at 17:17

    "Hey there, Zoe. Richard Bertuch here. I was just wondering what's happening with your column for the next issue since it hasn't come in yet. I tried to call Peggy to find out when we might get it, but I just got her machine and she hasn't called me back. As you know, we're almost at deadline and I need to know what to do. Are you still going to submit a new column this week or should I rerun an old one? I'd really appreciate a call back as soon as you get a chance. Call me on my cell, since I'll be in and out, both at home and at the office. You've got the number. Thanks. Bye."

Message received at 23:57

    "Hey, Zoe. It's me, Jack. I'm at the Jubilee Lounge with Hank and Russ. We were just having a few beers. Well, actually we've had more than a few. We've been drinking all around town tonight. I think they're gonna make us leave soon. They've already given last call. I thought you might be nearby and maybe we could hook up tonight. But I guess you're not. I hope you're not out with some other guy, some dork from that writing group. You know how much I love you, don't you? I really love you, Zoe. I know we don't talk about how we feel very much, but I think we should because I really do love you and I want you to know that. That's why I'm telling you. Because I want you to know how much you mean to me. If you get this message, call me back. I'm pretty buzzed so I might have to catch a few Zs in my car before I drive home. I'd really like to see you tonight, but I know what you said about coming over late at night without talking to you first. I promised you I wouldn't do that anymore, so I won't because I love you and I don't want to do anything to make you mad at me. But if you call me back, I could still come by tonight. So call me back when you get this message. Okay? I love you, Zoe, more than anyone else. Please call me back, okay? Okay. Bye."

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